it’s all about the dust.

Well they’ve started to dwindle again. I’ve not blogged for5 days now. I always do this. Forget to blog – and then I either – a) stop altogether or b) try and cram a whole load of things into 1 entry.
So here goes option b.
Last Thursday I went over to Daniels house and made jacket potatoes. And they were so yummy – I did have a load of sour cream on mine however – in fact it was close to a whole pot of sour cream. I love that stuff!
Also there was a Santa Claus person in a sleigh type thing being towed along by a car, which was quite cool. They were collecting money, and giving sweets to the kiddies in the houses they passed. I was very upset that I never got a sweetie!

Friday – it was our works Christmas party, but I didn’t go – instead I went ice-skating at Kew Gardens with Daniel, Alan, Tash, Sophie and Alex. It was fun. Although I was really worried at first, as I’d never done it before and had horrible images of broken bones and sliced off fingers!
I managed to stay upright at all times, and only screamed a few times. When we got home, we ordered pizza and it was yummy!

Saturday – Daniel made us breakfast, and then we cleaned the kitchen and went into Hounslow to do some shopping. I got the coolest ever pair of slippers! Blue furry ones! They’re like boots! So cool!
It’s like I have monster feet when I have them on! 😀

Sunday – Daniel and I prepared lunch. It was like salady stuff, and cold meats and crisps and bread etc. It was very nice. Daniel’s friend Oli came over too, it was his birthday! After lunch Oli and Sophie went off to the cinema. Oli’s very nice. 🙂
Then Daniel and I tidied up Daniels room. Well Daniel cleaned and I watched and laid about in my very cool slippers!
Then I had an amazing Sandwich and I loved it, and I will have to make another one soon. It was so yummy!
It had cheese and ham, and mayo and onions and mustard! Mmmmmmmmmm!
Today it’s back at work, and I’ve been hearing loads of stuff about what happened at the Christmas party. People dancing like loons, people falling over, but the most shocking thing ever – and I am so gob smacked at this. Honestly – never would have thought it in a million years! Drugs. Honestly. There are people in my company who were doing drugs. Now I am not usually naïve, but, oh my god!

Anyhoo – tonight I plan to read some more of The Subtle knife – which I am really getting into – should have it finished by tomorrow I think, then I can start on the next one. 😀 woo me!
Also I might wash my hair – or maybe not. Who knows!

my spout is leaking


Somebody asked me today, “what happened to your blog?”
and then it dawned on me….I’m getting to the stage where I just don’t bother anymore. The stage where my blogs just…..stop.

It happens each and everytime I attempt a blog. I start – get all geared up and then just stop.

The same thing used to happen with diaries….although looking back and reading what I wrote was down right hilarious!

So whats new with me.

Christmas shopping is almost done – I think. Just need to get one more thing. Other than that, it’s all done.
Daniel and I are planning a trip away in April. We’re thinking about Naples. Daniel needs to get his passport sorted first.

Had my check up with the nurse today, and I’ve lost nearly 2 kilos since my last check up. My blood pressure was a bit high, so she took it again, and it was ok the second time round.

Work has been manic. IT have made changes to the system and every contract has rolled over and contractors are being asked to reaccept them, and the contracts aren’t even active ones, so I have had numerous requests to delete/end them. It’s been so very busy.

Daniel and I are going on a date tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. Pizza Express followed (possibly) by the cinema. We may see the golden compass, if there are tickets left. I’ve started reading the books this evening. I’ve only got to page 82, and then my facebook addiction took over.

So – looking back at the week gone by. Nothing much has happened. Can’t really remember last week. Friday evening I went out with Tracey, Kerry and Amy, to Pizza Express in Blackheath village. We had a great time. Saturday there were engineering works, so it took me over 2 hours to get to Daniels. nightmare!
Alan did fajitas for dinner, and I remember christmassy stuff. like the Christmas tree being put up. or maybe that was sunday. Sophie made really yummy pizza on Sunday too. my favourite was the baked bean one. it was amazing! loved it!
other than that – not much has gone on in my mad loon world.

A New Blog, A New Beginning?

So…this must be my fourth? no. fifth attempt at a blog. hmm. lets see how far this one goes. well. I am determined, seeing as everyone else seems to have blogs, that they actually write on (for more than a month). you get to the stage where you start to feel a bit left out.

Hannah and Noah have gone back to Cayman, this morning, and I have to go back to work tomorrow.
Something that I am and I’m not really looking forward to.
I mean, I go back to work become busy again (continually forget to have a drink or go to the bathroom on account of people pulling me in 15 million directions), I will get to find out whether or not I got the job in the contracts team, as their new manager, but on the other hand, I actually have to do work, and I will miss my afternoon naps.

I got into the habit of afternoon naps, because looking after a toddler is demanding. It’s tiring, and exhausting. He slept twice a day, and after shopping and playing and what not, I found that I needed a nap too. this is telling me, that at the moment, I am NOT designed to have babies. aparantly they sleep a lot when they are little (yet new mothers are always so tired….) anyhoo I get off subject. I’m not really looking forward to going back to work. It’s such a pity that I can’t just stay home and potter and still have someone pay me a monthly salary (decent salary).

just realised that I have yet to have a nap today. so I guess that’s good. it means I can go to bed at a “normal” time, so that I can get up at 6 to get ready to go to work.

Had my eyes tested today (my last eye test was in 2001!) which cost £17, however work is paying for that (another good thing about work). My left eye is fine, however my right eye is weaker. The optician gave me a prescription but mentioned that there is not really any point in me wearing glasses, just to have regular check ups. So I’ve tucked my prescription away (code for in the draw and I won’t see it for the next millenia). I did like the idea of getting glasses though. cute frames in all sorts of colours to go with lots of different outfits – which then would give me the incentive (excuse) for some retail therapy to buy lots more clothes to go with the different glasses.

Also flat sitted for Alan (Daniel’s brother) for a while so he could go and run some errands. it seems his girlfriend took both sets of keys with her when she went away and he’s stuck until she comes back. 🙂 bless.

Tonight I plan to read a bit more of my book “Wicked Magic”, perhaps eat some food, relax in the bath and get ready for bed. Perhaps speak to Daniel (however I believe that he is playing his WoW game, so I may not speak to him). and as usual, feed my facebook addiction.

Facebook – the social network where you poke and be poked. ah the joys of the interweb.