First Shoes

I now have a toddler, mostly, when she’s not being lazy anyway.
Which of course meant we needed to buy her a pair of decent shoes.

So we went off to a well known British shoe store in Richmond. Where the kids department is on the first floor and there are NO lifts.
Whoever came up with that setup is clearly a genius….
Having to leave the buggy next to to the till, along with the other buggies there, we traipsed upstairs to get shoes fitted.

As a rule, this particular retailer doesn’t like to sell shoes if your child isn’t walking yet, so they asked me about Emmas walking skills, and LO and behold, kiddo refused to prove she could actually walk. Choosing instead to crawl everywhere or just generally cruise.

Until she saw the shoes on the shelf, which promptly turned into a game of “mama, I throw these shoes, then you pick them up and put them back so I can throw them again!”



Picked a pair of shoes (from 2 choice styles and 4 colour schemes) and it immediately bugs me that children’s shoes for new walkers are so limited. My choice was a pale gold, a pale pink, a purple with multicolour dots, and white with pale purple-pink dots. That’s it. That was my choice.

Shoes that don’t go with most of the clothes she has. £26 for a pair of shoes, that go with maybe 2 outfits.

Why can’t they just do a plain black or white style shoe? Black goes with everything!

So, we have shoes now, for the next 2 months anyway. Then I need to go back and do the whole thing again.
This time I’ll go to Staines, where everything kid related is on the ground floor!