Hep Hep Hooray…

We moved in July, and have been pretty lax about sorting out a new GP service closer to home. 

Finally sorted it out this week, took all the forms in, ID, Proof of Address and Emma’s Red Book. Last step was for a Health Check. A human MOT if you like. Go through medical history, weight, height, blood pressure, etc. 

Got told things I already knew. Yep, I’m fat, so fat that my BMI (stupid system) reckons I should have died a week ago. I need to exercise more, eat less, and become skinny with a tiny BMI number. Yup. Well the health care guy didn’t say those exact words, but that was the gist. Apparently we should be going to the gym 4 times a week. Hmmmmmm. As if. 

He told me I should check my breasts daily. To be fair if notice if they were gone. HA! Sorry. Yep. I check them often. I know that if I find a lump then I need to get an exam done. 

Then came my urine sample. Thanks to my lovely pot of pee, I’m now having a series of tests for diabetes. Apparently my sample contained high traces of glucose. And showed I may have a UTI brewing.

So far, I’ve gone in relatively healthy (barring tonsillitis) and I’ve potentially got diabetes and a UTI.

Next thing I know, Daniel tells me Emma’s picked something up. I turn to see, and she sticks me in the side with a needle. I pull it out and take it off her. It’s a hypodermic needle, used. Emma gets checked over, is fine, gets a biscuit. Health care guy doesn’t seem concerned at all, that my kid has picked up a needle from the floor under my chair and stuck it in me. He puts it in the bin, the NORMAL waste bin.

Husband has his health check and I go to sit in the waiting room, with my various sample pots and paperwork for my diabetes lab work, and a HIV screening paperwork.

It’s bothering me now, so I tell the receptionist what happened, and a few moments later I’m in a room with the practice manager. 

Now I’m having to add a load of other tests to my blood draw appointment (for the HIV screening) as well as having a Hep A/ Hep B combined vaccination. 

It begs belief that someone can complete their GP registration and then come out with paperwork for god knows how many lab works to be done, and vaccinations. To be done on Christmas Eve no less. *sigh*

I also still have bloody tonsillitis. 

But at least my BP is good! 108/71.

Here’s to a Healthy 2016!

Are Fridays the new Mondays?

It’s Friday. My weekend starts in 7 hours. I’d be pleased if Friday wasn’t being such a jerkoff today.

It’s really not my day so far.

Firstly after getting ready for work, I thought I’d be clever and spray the bath/shower with the cleaning spray and rinse it off before I went. The plan being to clean the bathroom tomorrow and therefore the major task already having been pre-cleaned.
That worked out well.
The smell of the spray caused me to throw up all over myself and the pre-cleaned bath. Causing me to have another shower and run 15 minutes behind schedule.

Then the train I was supposed to get? I missed it by 20 seconds.
The next train would have got me to work dead on time. It disappeared from all the screens. After it was scheduled to leave, an announcement was made to advise that it was delayed.

I made the decision to get the slower train, which would have made me 20 minutes late. The screens advised it was 8 carriages. So I stood at the 8 carriage mark, to save myself some time at the other end. It wasn’t. It was only 4 carriages. So I was at the wrong end of the platform with not enough time to get the train.

My original, now delayed train had arrived and the doors stopped right in front of me, but instead of allowing me to board the train, 2 nice gentleman decided to shove me out of the way so they could get on first.

Now I’m finally on my way to work, albeit it a bit squished.

What have you got next for me Friday?