Happiest Place on Earth

We are here and it is AWESOME.

I want to buy EVERYTHING. 

There’s so much to see and do, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow (not just because it’s my birthday either!)

We had a great start to the day, thanks to epic staff at Eurostar St Pancras International. The queues were pretty busy, we started to join a line, when one of the staff approached us and fast tracked us through. 

We’d booked 3 seats in a 4 seat section. The 4th seat stayed empty the whole trip!

Free wifi. Epic.

The hotel is beautiful and very peaceful. The food (so far) is delicious, even if The Husband did get the chicken nuggets and fish bites mixed up.

The fireworks and laser light show at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was fabulous.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  

Countdown to the Magic

This time, in 7 days, we will be setting eyes on Disneyland Paris. 

Emma will be 2 in just under 2 weeks and I’ll be turning 31 in just over a week. That means poor Daniel is poor. (Guy has 5 birthdays AND Mothers Day to fork out for this month as well as our annual holiday)

This years family holiday is 5 days at Disneyland Paris Resort.

I first went to Disney aged 2, and now Emmas first trip is the same. I’m hoping to recreate some of the photos. God knows where they are however. I shall have to ask my mother!

Currently, poor Little Duck has a D&V bug 🙁

I’m hoping she gets over it before we go.


Emma turned one last week.
I don’t quite understand how a whole year has managed to go by. How is it that one minute I am holding a tiny newborn girl, and now that tiny new born girl is toddling about?

She is clever and cheeky and so incredibly inquisitive.
Her first understandable sentence was strung together at 11 months old. It was “who is that?” Followed by “what’s that?”

She was walking confidently by her first birthday, which amazes me.

She absolutely adores dogs, and will get incredibly excited if she sees one.

She has no fear, and is full of giggles and laughter.

She was almost 3kg at birth, and now, a year on, she is 10.3kg and 72.5cm tall.

Her hair is longer and lighter and her eyes are currently green one day, hazel another and light brown the next.

She is my light.
My life.
My love.

Happy Birthday Little Duck.


Baaaalloooooo Birthday!

Emma’s first birthday is 9 weeks away.
I don’t know where the time has gone, it seems like only yesterday I was cuddling my sweet newborn baby. How is she almost a year old?!

I’ve never had to plan a child’s party before. Although I have been to loads of them, most of them have been in people’s homes. For us that’s not an option. Our home is a small one bedroom apartment, just enough room for the three of us. The idea of having all my friends and family (almost 70 people) trying to squeeze in to our home at the same time gives me a headache.

Finding an appropriate venue for a child’s first birthday that doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money was hard.
Some places wanted to charge £75 an hour, plus £15 per person for food with a minimum of 25 people! Ummmm, no.

So when I found that a local daycare nursery hires out for birthday parties, I was all YAY!!! For £150 we get the staff, the entire daycare nursery, the kitchen, all the toys etc. All we’d need to do is a small child friendly buffet.
Simples and inexpensive (ish)

We picked a theme (Waybuloo) as it’s Emma’s favourite tv show.


So we have some Waybuloo invites, some party bags, and well, apparently Waybuloo party ware is discontinued…. because that’s all we could get. So I’m having to be very creative with the rest.

So I decided to pick coloured plates to match the Piplings, and coloured napkins and cups too. Pink ones, blue ones, orange ones and lilac ones.

The only other themed item is the cake. Which is being specially designed by Lily-Belles Bakery based in Twickenham.

All we have to do is write and post the invitations, fill the party bags and make the food and have a party!

In 9 weeks time, I’ll have a one year old and will have pulled off our first birthday party.

I may be a tad excited about this.


62 days until I am 30!
65 days until Emma is 1!

Two birthdays to plan!

Emma turning 1 is a huge milestone, and our home isn’t big enough to host a children’s party, not when the guest list of friends and family reaches 77. So we have hired an entire day care centre. All the space, toys, and fun!

It’s been tradition in my family for as long as I can remember, to have 2 cakes at a 1st birthday party.
One for guests and one for baby to do as he or she sees fit. So tradition will carry on, and I will pack several sets of spare clothes.

There’s lots to plan, and buy. Food, party bags, and assorted party ware. And, Oh My God, she is ONE!

Then there is my birthday event.
Originally The Husband wanted to do a surprise party, but, ugh. So, instead after thinking long and hard we came up with an alternative. It’s going to be exciting and fun and it’s probably going to cost us a fair amount, but you only turn 30 once right?

It’s a big year. My mother turned 50, both The Husband and I turn 30, Emma is one and we have been married for 5 years.

Overwhelming (and poor) is an understatement!

Four Weddings Mrs Flams style

This September, the husband and I will have been married for 3 years.  Our wedding was amazing (for us) and all our guests enjoyed themselves immensely. Over the last year I have watched a fair few episodes of Four Weddings. Bitching Brides, Bizarre and Beautiful venues, some great food and some absolutely AWFUL food.  After a while I started recording it on the Sky+ box, so that I can fast-forwarded through all the crap and rubbish bits (and of course the commercial breaks!).








Then? Then, I came across Four Weddings US. The US version, is SO SO much better than the UK version, even if some of the brides have more money than sense. The Brides are less bitchy, the venues (mostly) are much nicer, and the food is mainly amazing and so there is SO MUCH OF IT.








In the UK, a wedding usually consists of, Ceremony, Meal, Disco, Buffet. In that order. In the US, it’s Ceremony, Cocktail Hour (with Open bar), Meal, Disco, Buffet.

After watching considerable amounts of Four Weddings US, I have decided that I want to have another wedding, however my husband has said no.  Seeing as I’m not allowed to have another wedding, instead, I’m going to lay it all our here. Not that we would EVER be able to afford such an affair anyway! We would invite EVERYONE. The dress code would, of course, be Black Tie.

First there is the Ceremony. Short, Sweet and Simple. 30 minutes tops. Fabulous Dress. 6 Bridesmaids, 2 Flower girls, 1 Ring bearer, 1 Best Man and 5 Ushers. The person conducting the ceremony would be professional but funny. Everyone would cry.

Then Guests would make their way to a fantastic Hotel Ballroom, with sweeping City views, for Cocktail Hour, with an open bar.

There would be waiters in waistcoats taking round glasses of champagne, a signature cocktail, and canapes. The canapes would consist of miniature prawn cocktails in shot glasses, smoked salmon and cream cheese Bellini, Caviar, vol-a-vents, and miniature vegetable tarts.  There would also be hot food buffet stands serving warm dishes such as pastas and warm vegetables, as well as tables covered with cheeses and crackers, fresh fruit and miniature cakes. At cocktail hour there would be a photo booth, and guests would get the chance to sign the guestbook.



After cocktail hour, guests would make their way into a second ball room, also with sweeping city views, the sun would be setting. The tables would be tastefully decorated, and speeches would be made. After speeches from the Father of the Bride, the Groom, the Best Man and the Maid of Honour, dinner would be served, whilst a small string quartet played music.

A six course meal (really it’s 4, but you’ve got to have palate cleansers between courses right?) Each course would be small and elegant, with guest having a choice of 5 options per course and 3 options per palate cleanser.

Starters – Melon with Parma Ham and a balsamic glaze and mint garnish;

a seafood selection with prawns, smoked salmon, calamari and mussels;

a pâté with a balsamic onion marmalade and brioche toast;

asparagus spears with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce;

a red pepper and tomato soup served with crusty wholemeal bread and butter.
Palate Cleanser – Champagne Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet or Mint and Lime Sorbet.


Mains – Fillet Steak with a choice of sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables;

Pan Seared Cod on a bed of crushed new potatoes and minted peas;

Breast of Chicken stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives with a dressed green been salad;

Grilled vegetable tart with a rocket salad;

Lobster thermidor with a fresh spinach salad.




Palate Cleanser – Champagne Sorbet, Lemon Sorbet or Mint and Lime Sorbet.

Desserts – crème brûlée with fresh raspberries;

a selection of cheeses with crackers, grapes and quince;

Lemon Tart with fresh raspberries;

a marscapone and fresh strawberry cheesecake;

a chocolate fondant with vanilla ice-cream.



Selection of chocolates and fresh coffees and teas.

Finally guests would make their way to the first ballroom, where a live band would play classic Rat Pack and Divas of Jazz. There would be waiters walking round with trays of champagne and the signature cocktail. Then the DJ would play music for everyone to boogy-down into the night to.

A finger buffet would be served with tiny sandwiches, miniature tarts and fresh fruit and cheeses.



Personally, you wouldn’t even need a wedding to pull off a feast / party like this. Hmmmmm. My 30th birthday is in 18 months. Think I’ve just set in place a great plan.  Now all I need is £45,000.

Anyone care to lend me £45,000, ok, ok, give it to me, because lets face it, it’s highly unlikely that I’d be able to pay you back!

Dear Flams

Today is my husbands birthday, and I think that I am possibly more excited than he is. I’ve been trying to give him his birthday present for over 6 weeks now, and he has been very adamant and firm that he will not open it until his actual birthday, which is today!!

So this post is dedicated to my husband, Daniel, who is wonderful, loving, supportive, friendly, funny and sometimes goofy and silly. He looks after me when I’m sick, he lets me watch the TV if the show he’s watching is crap (in my opinion), he lets me decided on dinner, he puts up with my bad moods, my crying fits, my silly fits, my fits of laughter, you name it he does it.

I love him more than words can say and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Happy Birthday baby, I love you.


So, I’m 28 today.
2 years until my 30th! (can’t wait!)

The day’s not even half done but it’s been brilliant!

I’ve got an android tablet PC.
Some kitchen stuff (which I really needed)
Gift vouchers
And 2 new tattoos.

The sun is shining and it’s warm (for London in March!) and I’m now going home to chill before meeting up with friends for Mexican food and cocktails!

Happy Birthday me! And Happy Birthday to all the other wonderful people I share this date with!

New Year Greetings

So 2011 is over and 2012 has begun.
Its going to be a busy year for me!

The Olympics is in 208 days, and as most of you know, I’m involved. I’m part of a team that has to ensure part of Londons transport network is robust and efficient. It’s exciting and busy and going to be very hard work!

This year I’m helping to organise an 18th birthday party AND doing the catering for 70 people!

Then it’s my own birthday, which I get stupidly excited about.

This year I also have a family holiday to go on (the first in 12 years!) and a wedding to attend.

My lovely brother-in-law is getting married to the wonderful Tash in August and I’m the make up artist for the bridal party! No pressure!!

It’s my 3rd wedding anniversary this September.

After September I don’t know quite what I’ll do job wise or life wise actually, so watch this space!!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!