Self Portraits

It’s amazing how much you change as you grow.

6 weeks old









6 months old









Aged ONE!













I’m 4 years old!








5 and 1/2!!!!










aged 8







Sweet 16. more like Slavic criminal.







Halloween Parties are SO much more fun when you’re 19!

















looking pretty at 22










23, overlooking Djm el fna in Marrakech







24 in the South of France






Getting ready to be married at 25







27 and STILL a member of the Micky Mouse Club

my island

I was born and partly-raised on a small tropical island in the caribbean called Grand Cayman.  Grand Cayman is one of 3 islands that make up the Cayman Islands, which are 430 miles south of Miami, 227 miles south of Cuba and 310 miles northwest of Jamaica.

I moved to London 16 years ago, but I still consider the Cayman Islands my home away from home. Its the place where I was born and I still have many family members there. There are days when my heart aches because I miss it so much.  I want to share it with you. So here are some of my favorite photos of my island.


Kerry and I on a visit in 2008













Rum Point, one of the best places on the island to swing in a hammock and drink Rum Punch!














signs like this that locals don’t bat an eyelid at, but tourists laugh their asses off at.














one of those hammocks I was talking about.


























sunsets like these.










down town













walking along beaches like this













more hammocks



















I used to swim in this pool as a kid


holding baby turtles














swim with the mermaids



















or be like my Aunt Dawn and her family and swim with the stingrays!














take a helicopter ride with Cayman Helicopters!














GO TO HELL. no, really, you can actually visit a place called Hell















do some watersports!


When I was 11 I went through a phase of winning things. At 11 when you win things it’s a great feeling, although, when you win anything at any age it’s a great feeling.

I used to listen to the radio a LOT when I was younger. I was also constantly attached to the phone at that age. One day when doing both things simultaneously, the radio DJ announced a competition. If you could recognise a song by just the first four notes then you could win a Christmas gift basket full of chocolates, cakes, coffees etc. I immediately said to my friend “I have to go, I’m going to enter that competition”

The song was jingle bells. How the other person couldn’t get it was beyond me! And I won. I screamed and jumped about the house. Told my parents who were pleased I’d won but angry at the fact if called the show so many times that i’d probably racked up a huge phone bill.

Then it was Valentines Day. My friend asked me to go to a Valentines Teen party (there would be cute boys!) so I agreed and my aunts friend did my hair and make up. I wore a white trouser suit cause I didn’t “do” dresses. I must admit I looked pretty good, especially when the cute boys noticed me. So much that I was voted the Valentines Queen!

Then it was just after my 12th birthday, when the radio show held another composition. This time a weekend trip to Havana Cuba. I can’t remember what we had to do, but I won. I was ecstatic until my dad pointed out that I was 12 and wouldn’t be going on my own with my 12 year old best friend to Cuba….

He called the radio show and told them my age. However they couldn’t take my prize away as they’d not stipulated an age limit on the competition. So as long as I had a chaperone over 18 then I could go.

So I went to Cuba. Stayed in a 5 star hotel (Where Leo DiCaprio stayed too) and had a great time!

Then I didn’t win anything else. For the last 15 years I have won only 1 other thing, and that was a giraffe cookbook.

I wish my winning streak would pick up. I’m thinking I’ll buy a lottery ticket this week. You never know, I could win!