I have the plague.
I may also be exaggerating there, but I AM sick.


I’ve had sinuses issues on and off since I caught a horrible cold in December. I had it, The Husband had it and so did Emma. Hers turned into bronchiolitis, which was horrible.
Since then, it’s been illness after illness and I’ve spent a fortune on OTC medication and remedies to help me breathe.

Then I got another sinus problem, it was manageable. Until Monday morning, when I awoke with conjunctivitis in both eyes AND a cold sore. I needed more nasal spray and decongestant and pain relief, and now eye drops and cold sore patches. (And I saw some Ashton & Parsons teething powder, which is so hard to come by now) so £47 later, I was stocked up.

Then Tuesday came.
My cold sore? Was more less small sore, more huge great big sore. My lip began to swell to epic proportions and everyone I encountered said I should see a doctor.


The last time I had a cold sore was 3 years ago, when we first moved into our flat. It was stressful, thanks to the bank continually screwing up. That time, it was twice the size of the Day 2 picture. I saw the GP then and she was gobsmacked. After 10 days it went away and left behind a small red scar (which is only noticeable to me)

This time, the very nice (and HOT) GP, gave me a full check over. Red ear drums, red throat, swollen glands, blocked sinuses, slight temperature, it is a virus. Of which I just have to let run it’s course.

The cold sore, well he too hadn’t seen one quite so bad apparently and promptly printed me a prescription for some antiviral tablets that are good for HSV and the chickenpox and shingles virus.

3 tablets in, as well as some anti-inflammatory drugs with Lysine (apparently good for HSV) and my cold sore (see Day 2 midday photo above) is getting better.

The sinus problems? Not so much.
Sinus headaches are the absolute worse.
Especially when you have to be really careful of how much pain relief you take.
I don’t fancy adding accidental overdose to the mix of health concerns right now.

So stay away, lest you catch the plague that has infested our household.


So yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I woke up with a cold sore. It’s a combination of “feel good” and “attractive”. Cold sores are the new black. For reals.

My sarcastic streak is on top form today. It’s like it had extra caffeine with breakfast this morning! Except it’s after midnight and I’ve not had any coffee yet. Perhaps it’s cranky.

Yesterday evening my brother-in-law Alan asked his long term girlfriend to marry him. To be fair, it’s about time. We’d all been saying they should get married for ages now, so often that I even created a Facebook page called “Alan should TOTALLY marry Tash”
Anyway, so they’re engaged and I couldn’t be any happier for them (unless of course there’s also a baby on the way, cause that’d just be freaking awesome).

So they’re getting married!!!! I wish them all the happiness in the world and can’t wait to celebrate their big day!

After that excitement, the hubs and I settled down with some tv. The hubs put on a new series of 24.

Between the excitement of the engagement and the suspense of tonight’s viewing, I’m fully wired.

Hubs is fast asleep. I’m laying in bed, writing a post and wishing I didn’t have a stupid cold sore and also wishing that our bed was a king size rather than a double.

Hopefully sleep will claim me soon and I won’t fall off the edge of the bed where I’m perched.