Pointless Purchases

This morning there was a thread on my Pregnancy Birth Group about what items for newborns are the most pointless things for parents to buy.
It’d been started because someone found a baby wipe warmer, to ensure baby bottoms remained free from chills whilst nappy changing.

Other mums then listed what they found useful and useless.

Top and Tail bowls
Baby baths
Nappy bins
Cotton wool buds
Baby shoes

The list could be endless because every parent is different and has differing opinions and parenting styles.

My pointless purchase for expectant and new mums is a Baby on Board badge.
Now technically it’s not a purchase because Transport for London give them out free. (Thanks for that TfL)
However about 95% of commuters ignore them. Even the ones drivers use in their cars are ignored, sometimes drivers are just twatty.

I’ve written about this before, a few posts ago actually, but I feel this will be a never-ending broken record on this blog.

You see, this morning, it was unfortunate that my train was only 4 cars long instead of 8. That means that by the time it got to Feltham it was already full and standing.
I got on the train (because work commitments mean I can’t miss this train) and a nice lady standing next to me said “oh, do you need a seat?”
I looked about at the 8 people sitting in the seats (4 of them with signs on that said “please give this seat up for those less able to stand than yourself” roughly) and after a few seconds I replied loudly “yes, but it’s unlikely anyone will offer a seat, nobody ever does”.
At which point several of the 8 sitting down, looked up at me, spotted the baby of board badge I was wearing and promptly looked away.

I vented my frustration on twitter after one particular guy kept looking at me, then at my badge and then tried to avoid eye contact with me. Instead he stared out the window to his right, and every 30 seconds his eyes would dart left, look at me, and when he realised I was watching him, he’d go back to looking out of the window.
I’d decided that he was already an asshole. So were the other 7, probably more so, because they simply ignored me.
After a while, the guy asked me if I’d like his seat. At this point I was grateful, I was starting to feel lightheaded, my hands were shaking and sweat was running down my face like a god-damn leaky faucet.
So thank you guy, for proving to me that you’re not 100% asshole and that you have a conscience.

To all the other commuters out there, think of it this way, by offering a pregnant woman a seat, she is less likely to faint whilst standing.
Should she faint because no one offered her a seat on a packed and over crowded train, you’d have to pull the emergency lever, the guard would have to get through the train to see what this issue is and assess the problem. Then an ambulance would have to be called to the next station, the train would have to be emptied and you’ll all be delayed or stuck at another station unable to get on other already packed trains.

Think about that the next time you see a pregnant lady with a baby on board badge standing on a full and standing train.

Would you prefer 30 minutes of uncomfort or over an hour, possibly more of being delayed.

Your choice.

Doing the Be-Bop

When I walk to the train station in the morning, I do it on autopilot. It’s automatic, the route I take, I barely notice anything around me. The moment I leave the house, the headphones go in, spotify is loaded and off I go.

Being on autopilot means a lot of things, one of them being that I don’t really pay attention to my surroundings. I mean I watch out for traffic, pay attention to traffic lights etc, but when the music is on then I’m in my own world.

I can play through things in my head, think things through, become creative with ideas for creative writing, use my imagination and just, generally, go with the flow of the music.

It’s what I do every single morning, and evening. This morning? No exceptions.

Th music was on, I was in a world of my own, thinking about BlogHer and planning my (eventual) trip for 2 years time. In my mind hoping that it’s in LA or somewhere close to LA, so that I could go to LA Ink and be drawn on by Kat VonD.
So I’m walking, listening, dreaming and the Fun Loving Criminals comes on. They’re brilliant. (sometimes when something awesome comes on I’ll get a bit carried away). The song? The Fun Loving Criminals. Just aces.
What do I do? I start doing some weird dance/funky walking/bopping along.
Turns out there was a guy walking behind me (who I didn’t even notice). We got to the traffic lights, he passes me, laughing. Only then did I realise what I was doing…. He turns back to me, smiles and carries on walking.

I made someone’s day. Hope he writes about me on IMMD.com, but I doubt it.
He’ll probably go to work and tell his colleagues about the weird woman dancing down the high street.

Life would be so much better (and awesomer) if we all broke into a song and dance on occasion. Like real world musicals.