A little less conversation….

Occasionally at work we have discussions. Not particularly work related discussions, because when you’re at work it’s not always about doing work, not all of the time anyway. In fact you really shouldn’t work all of the time whilst you are at work cause it’s not good for your health. You need to have conversation. Conversations with colleagues about non-work stuff is called team bonding. Team bonding is good apparently. It aids productivity (or it may do, I haven’t actually researched this stuff, cause that’d be like work)

Anyway. Non-work related conversations/discussions are good.

Today we had a pretty philosophical and theological conversation about Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia (and other countries) vs. Human Rights, and whether the two could go hand in hand. I pretty much stayed out of this conversation, because I’d have likely offended someone or put my foot in my mouth or both. The conversation tailed off and we all got back to work.

A colleague came back from a late lunch, and I happened to ask what he had, his reply, “a couple of glasses of Shiraz and a good steak!” which is not possible and totally made as a joke, because everyone who works in my industry knows that we have a very strict no alcohol policy.

At this comment, another colleague asks “so would you get stoned if you drank” to which the colleague opposite me says “yeah, probably” and the colleague back from lunch pipes up “but getting stoned is fun!” Wrong kind of getting stoned….

At which point he then asks, “Why do they use smaller stones? Why not just throw one big stone?”

In my head I know have an image of someone standing in front of a building that is set for demolition, whilst they are hit with a wrecking ball. And I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but laugh.

Perhaps conversation/discussion about non-work related stuff doesn’t make teams more productive. As Elvis’s teacher used to say “A little less conversation, a little more work”, ok so that’s a lie, but you get my drift!