Last summer I was approached by Stamptastic and asked if I wanted to review their stamps.


It’s taken me a while to find something I wanted to stamp, mainly because I got a stamp with Emma’s name on it, and well, everything I considered stamping was something that eventually wouldn’t be hers anymore!

But then I had a genius idea. I would use MY stamp to hallmark (is that the right word?) my homemade cards! Which I have to make now.

So I got out the 2 stamps that Stamptastic sent me, and the ink pad, and got experimenting. Its made me want to stamp EVERYTHING.


The stamps themselves are rectangular perspex blocks, with the rubber stamp at one end. Quite handy that they’re perspex cause it means that when you are stamping something, it’s very easy to see where on the surface you are stamping. No worries about it coming up wonky! They start from £8, and you can have a childs name, an address, a telephone number, and you can even contact Stamptastic direct for bespoke designs, which will cost you more money.

The primary purpose of these stamps (they’re not your average crafting stamps) is to label belongings. School equipment, notepads, electronics, and the like. So, you will only get a specialised ink pad in black ink (costing £10), which is designed not to wash out of items like school uniforms. However on non-fabric materials, the ink can be removed with a cleaning product and cloth.

The stamps and inks are suitable for most surfaces, ideally paper and fabric, but will also work on leather, plastics, wood and metal.


So I started off just stamping a bit of paper, to see what it came out like and to get the feel of the stamp. I now want to stamp loads of stuff (but will refrain).

As I said previously, there really isn’t anything of Emma’s suitable for stamping just yet. Her clothing, will eventually go to charity and belong to someone elses baby. Same with some of her toys. Other stuff, will be passed down to a sibling (if that ever happens), so it was quite tricky to find something to stamp. BUT, I did find something.


Yep. I stamped her baby wipes and diaper rash cream!

After allowing the ink to dry, I swiped my finger over it and no smudging. The name was clear as day.  It didn’t print too well on the cream, but then it’s not a new tube, so it’s got lots of indentations which I think make it tricky to stamp properly.

I printed on the wipes, and the plastic bag my stamps came in, and then I couldn’t find anything else legitimate to stamp. I spent ages looking for stuff to stamp too. I was a little disappointed!

In a nutshell? I love these stamps. I’d love to buy a load more, but I would need to sit and think carefully as to what I wanted on them. I am known to be a bit frivolous when it comes to such things, and therefore it could be deemed (by The Husband) to be a waste of money. (seriously, i’d buy a stamp that said “YUM” and stamp random food stuff in the supermarket for fun).

Having recently got back into card making, these stamps would be a fantastic addition to my craft range. It is so much easier to use a stamp attached to a perspex block, than say a wooden one.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I have had to scrap a card, because I’ve misaligned a stamp.  The one thing I would say, is that I would like to see the ink pads come in a range of colours. Whilst I understand that these stamps are in the market for labeling items, I think crafters would love and buy this product, but the lack of coloured inks is a bit of a set back. It also seems to make more sense just to buy everything you need in the same place, rather than having to buy from several different stores and having to pay several lots of postage and packing! Besides, Stamptastic P&P is free to the UK Mainland!

Would I spend my cold hard cash on this product?

Would I recommend it to other parents and crafters?

Do I think you should head over to Stamptastic and place an order?

I now need to go and have a long hard think about what I want, and wish for some pennies for my upcoming birthday, so I can go and buy some stamping goodies!

*This review is based on my own opinion, thoughts and experience. In return for this review, I was gifted, an inkpad and 2 stamps bearing names of my choice. Thank you Stamptastic!*