Silly Panda

As I’ve gotten older, I seem to have developed new allergies. It’s gotten worse since I’ve become a mother. Most likely down to change of hormones or some other scientific medical explanation.

It is frustrating when I develop a new allergy. Thankfully I haven’t developed anything in the last 18 months. 

My last allergy? Sanitary products. Yep. Unbelievable. Disposable sanitary products bring me out in horrible hives. Ever had a hives on your lady garden? Take it from me, it’s not pleasant. At all. AT ALL.

The idea of spending almost £5 a month, on torture items, is not appealing. Luxuries? Are you freaking kidding me Mr Osbourne? There’s nothing bloody luxurious about sanitary products, but, that’s another matter altogether.

Discovering cloth sanitary products was a life saver, both physically, mentally and in the long run, financially. CSP, are basically reusable sanitary products. Fairy Hammocks, cloth pads, vagina blankets, muff rugs, call them what you want, they’re pretty cool.

Disposable sanitary products are full of chemicals (don’t believe me? Sniff one! An unused one!) Some of them are scented…. Which baffles me. Your lady garden has a delicate Eco system, and destroying that Eco system leads to problems. Why would you want that? There’s lots of information on why disposable sanitary products aren’t good for you or the environment, and it’s well worth a read. 

Anyway, back to the point. CSP.

They’re natural, Eco-friendly, and cost effective. What’s not to like?

At first, I was concerned with the “yuckiness” of them. The idea of holding on to them, then washing them, was a bit repulsive. Also, when out and about, what do you do with them?! So many questions. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Besides, it’s only body fluid, yours to be precise, not that big of a deal really. It gets easier once you have a kid. Snot, wee, poo, vomit. What’s a bit of blood in the end? 

It was easy to move to CSP, especially after becoming a mother. Every other day I have to put a wash on, because kids are messy. So chucking any CSP in the wash isn’t a big deal. They’re not sitting around for a week before washing is done. They don’t smell. At all. If your vagina is emitting a bad smell or your discharge/menstrual blood is offensive smelling, then you should probably schedule a visit with your doctor. 

Out and about, you have a little wet bag. Store in the wet bag, till you get home. Before washing you can keep them in a separate bin, with cold water (never use hot water when dealing with blood), then wash, dry, reuse as required. 

I was asked to review some CSP from Silly Panda, a small business that makes and sells eco friendly products. Their main product is CSP. All stock on their website is ready to ship, and what you see is what you get.  

CSP, sit in your underpants and fasten with poppers. They’re fleece backed which stops them from slip sliding about, and causing leaks. They’re comfy, they’re natural, and they’re good for the environment.  They come in lots of different designs, sizes and absorbencies; from a light flow, to post-partum bleeding. 

This particular design is one of my favourites, from the moment I saw the fabric. Look at it. Stormy rainbows. Perfectly sums up a woman’s period!

The website is easy to use and Beckie is friendly and informative. The CSP arrived quickly too!

It is pretty, and comfy, and it washed really well. And at £7, it’s well worth the money in my opinion.

It can cost a small fortune upfront, depending on your needs, but in the long run its very cost effective. It’s also a pretty addictive habit. There’s so many different fabrics to choose from!

For more information, or to start your CSP journey, or to increase your stash, visit Silly Panda!

Thanks Silly Panda! 

*I was provided with the product to do an honest review. All words are my own.

Why Spelling Is Important

Looking for insurance is frustrating and sometimes confusing and in some cases, like tonight, funny as hell!

We’re moving, and as such, need to sort out home contents insurance. Easiest way to find the best insurance for our needs, is a comparison site (with or without meerkats)

You fill in the form, wait a few minutes and BOOM, it tells you the best insurance for your needs.

Its looking likely that we will go with Admiral, however before I do, I need to contact them to check what they mean on part of the cover they offer as standard.







Do they mean sanitary products, like tampons, pads, mooncups, cloth sanitary napkins and the like?

Or do they mean this?



Logic is telling me that they mean sanitary WARE, as in bathroom fixtures. However that’s not what they’ve put.

Insurance can be tricky too…
What happens if I accidentally break the bathroom sink and they then come back to me and say, “No Mrs Flams, by sanitary wear we mean products that catch your menstrual flow each month”

That said, if they don’t correct the spelling of this term, then each month I could totally claim for my cloth sanitary pads, and use the insurance pay out to buy brand new ones!