Why Spelling Is Important

Looking for insurance is frustrating and sometimes confusing and in some cases, like tonight, funny as hell!

We’re moving, and as such, need to sort out home contents insurance. Easiest way to find the best insurance for our needs, is a comparison site (with or without meerkats)

You fill in the form, wait a few minutes and BOOM, it tells you the best insurance for your needs.

Its looking likely that we will go with Admiral, however before I do, I need to contact them to check what they mean on part of the cover they offer as standard.







Do they mean sanitary products, like tampons, pads, mooncups, cloth sanitary napkins and the like?

Or do they mean this?



Logic is telling me that they mean sanitary WARE, as in bathroom fixtures. However that’s not what they’ve put.

Insurance can be tricky too…
What happens if I accidentally break the bathroom sink and they then come back to me and say, “No Mrs Flams, by sanitary wear we mean products that catch your menstrual flow each month”

That said, if they don’t correct the spelling of this term, then each month I could totally claim for my cloth sanitary pads, and use the insurance pay out to buy brand new ones!