Xmas in September

Yes. I KNOW. It’s September and I am writing about Christmas. To be fair, it’s almost October (not that it makes it any better) and also I started my Christmas shopping at the end of July. Christmas is expensive when you have about a million 20+ people to buy for.

It’s 3 months away. But tonight I had a mini Christmas celebration.

Thanks to the lovely PR ladies for Giraffe

They invited myself and some other bloggers and twitter users to sample their new Christmas Menu.

It was delicious. Everything I tried was yummy. There were a few that I couldn’t sample because of my nut allergy, but my accompanying friend Beth tells me that they were tasty.

We arrived and had crackers and cocktails. Cocktails! For this mummy. I KNOW!
A Sleighbellini was my first drink. Gin, Cassis, Cranberry & elderflower topped off with prosecco. It was lush. Too many of those and I would have become a lush!


The drink shown here was a Cherry Christmas, a non-alcoholic mojito style drink with cherries, apple and mint.

Then some starters; Curried Parsnip Soup, Potted Smoked Salmon & Trout, Goats Cheese, Clementine, Walnut & Cranberry Salad, and Chicken Liver Pate.
I tried everything but the Goats Cheese Salad. The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the Salmon & Trout. Too fishy for me. I am not a lover of fish. But I tried it, which will definitely impress The Husband.



Then Mains! There was Giraffes take on the Turkey dinner, a Turkey Schnitzel. Cauliflower Cheese & Roasted Vegetable crumble. Double roasted duck, and Salmon Saltimbocca.

Again, I tried everything except the Cauliflower Cheese crumble as it contained nuts. It was all delicious. And yep, I did try the salmon. Still don’t like salmon, no matter how it’s prepared or cooked.





Then, the bet part of the meal (in my opinion!).
A merry berry sundae, a white chocolate and passion fruit cheese cake and a chocolate tart.
Oh. My. God.
Except the sundae, that had nuts, so couldn’t try that one. My waistline thanks me. I think.




I had a great evening. Great food, great company and thanks to the Giraffe PR ladies, it was all complimentary.
I tweeted the evening and now I’m blogging my appreciation.

Giraffes Christmas menu is reasonably priced, at £17.95 for 2 courses or £20.95 or 3 courses. The Christmas menu is only available for parties of 6 or more.

If you secure your Christmas booking before the end of October then Giraffe will throw in a free glass of bubbly per person with your Christmas meal.
And if you opt to have your Christmas party on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th of December then you will also get 20% off of your food bill!

I had a very enjoyable and memorable evening.
I want to express a big thank you to the PR ladies and Giraffe for the opportunity to taste test their upcoming Christmas menu!

Christmas – the busiest time of year!

Christmas break for me starts officially at 5pm on Friday the 23rd and then ends on January 2nd. That’s 10 whole days of not having to work. I think it is going to be the busiest time I have ever had.

Normally at Christmas, I eat, watch Christmas TV and cheesy films, and spend a lot of time doing nothing. Getting up late, going to bed late, drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and fresh delicious coffee. I eat sweets, and cakes, and cheese, and more sweets and pastries and biscuits. I drink wine, and champagne and more wine and whiskey. Truth be told, it’s not really a huge amount of things to be doing. Despite the amount of food consumed last year, I didn’t even gain any weight!

This year, well it’s going to be different. I’m not sure if I am going to like the difference or not. I shall probably need a vacation to get over my Christmas vacation!

It starts this Thursday (22nd). Food shopping. For 12 people. Just my sister-in-law, me and a shopping trolley. It’s likely to be dangerous. And hilarious. We can’t even go regular shopping together without drama and laughing.

Then Friday (23rd) I have to get everyone’s presents to my mother-in-laws house. I am hoping that just 1 car trip will be sufficient.

Christmas Eve means an entire day of preparing, baking, drinking and general misbehaving.

Christmas Day means a day full of cooking, eating, drinking and making my niece and nephew laugh.

Boxing Day, we are hosting a meal for my father-in-law, his mother and his partner. Yay for Roast Beef!

The 27th, I get to go to my mother’s house for a family Christmas “do”. More presents etc, more food, more drink.

The 28th we’re having a Christmas Party at our house, with nibbles and drinks.

The 29th we’re at the father-in-laws for another Christmas dinner and alcohol.

The 30th it’s back to the mother-in-laws for another Christmas dinner and more alcohol.

The 31st, it’s to the brother-in-law and sister-in laws for a Cheese and Wine party! (Love cheese)

The finally on New Years Day I can relax. Spend the day in bed with coffee and books and very minimal food. I’m pretty sure I would have eaten so much Turkey that I’ll look like one.

I think this is the busiest I have ever been over a Christmas period. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Merry Christmas All!