Emma turned one last week.
I don’t quite understand how a whole year has managed to go by. How is it that one minute I am holding a tiny newborn girl, and now that tiny new born girl is toddling about?

She is clever and cheeky and so incredibly inquisitive.
Her first understandable sentence was strung together at 11 months old. It was “who is that?” Followed by “what’s that?”

She was walking confidently by her first birthday, which amazes me.

She absolutely adores dogs, and will get incredibly excited if she sees one.

She has no fear, and is full of giggles and laughter.

She was almost 3kg at birth, and now, a year on, she is 10.3kg and 72.5cm tall.

Her hair is longer and lighter and her eyes are currently green one day, hazel another and light brown the next.

She is my light.
My life.
My love.

Happy Birthday Little Duck.