All Night Long

Last night I had the worst nights sleep. Between aching hips and constant bathroom trips I was awake for most of the night.

The result, this morning being very tired.

Normally after I wake I’m greeted with Flump stretching and rolling. Except this morning it wasn’t there. In fact I couldn’t remember any movement during my waking moments through the night.

It’s the worst feeling when your baby hasn’t moved, and with each attempt to get baby moving, that feeling gets worse.

The Husbands option involved asking Flump if he/she was “ok in there”. Nada.

Thankfully I have a Doppler, which Flump actually hates. Flump hates to be prodded when the midwife, GP and Consultant all check his/her heartbeat with the Doppler. The home Doppler is no difference. I’m pretty sure Flump thinks its the DEBBIL.

Within moments of prodding my bump with the Doppler, I find baby’s heartbeat and I’m immediately greeted with a massive thump where the Doppler is, followed by a great big lump appearing on my right side, as far from the Doppler as possible.

Kid is hilarious and now grumpy, with lots of grumpy movements. But I’m a happy mama, I know you’re ok now. So keep grumping away you silly baby. Mama loves you!

If you look on the right, that lump there, is grumpy Flump.