38 minus 7

I took a bump photo today. The plan with all of the bump photos, scan photos, photos of us prepping for Flump will eventually be made into a book, along with a few of the posts I’ve written here whilst pregnant.

I think it’s a lovely idea of something Flump can look at as he/she grows older and will be a great keepsake along with the baby book that The Husband and I are putting together.

After I took my 38 week bump photo, I compared it to one 7 weeks ago when I was 31 weeks. It’s scary that I look ever so slightly smaller this week than I did 7 weeks ago!

Granted I’ve lost a bit more weight since, a grand total of about 17lbs has been lost since I became pregnant. Seriously, had I know I’d have lost weight whilst pregnant, I’d have done it years ago!!

A few of my pregnant buddies have said that I look as though baby has dropped slightly. Dr Google and his Cronies said that towards the end you start to lose a bit of amniotic fluid and your baby bump does appear smaller.

Who knows what it is, but all sources point to, baby will soon be here!


36 Down

I’ve reached 36 weeks.
Only 4 weeks to go until Flump is due to arrive.
Of course this means Flump could come any time from right now all the way up until April 5th. (please sooner rather than later Flump!)

I’ve been cramping, having back ache and serious amounts of pressure against my pelvis since Tuesday, not to mention a few other disgusting things, all which according to the midwives signify my body is starting to change and prepare for labour.

All I am literally waiting for is my waters to break and my cervix to begin effacing and dilating. Which could happen in a few days or 2 weeks, but likely not much longer, although who actually knows these things. Babies arrive when they’re ready.

I had my final growth scan today, thankfully baby is growing along quite nicely and is average. Although his/her legs are short (like Mamas) and therefore it’s unlikely that baby has the running gene that the rest of the Masters clan seem to have.

Poor sonographer was having some issues measuring babies head as it was so very low into my pelvis (great sign!)

Flump is currently head down into my pelvis, back running up my right side, bum tucked under my right rib and legs and 1 hand tucked up under my left rib.

I’m thinking Flump may become a gymnast. It’s clearly no wonder I have a squirmy baby, because that position cannot be comfortable.

Also baby has chubby cheeks and those who know me know that I absolutely adore chubby baby cheeks.

Flump isn’t here yet and already I am absolutely unbelievable undone by his/her chubby cheeks.


Every night before I go to sleep, I take 5 minutes to think about the very tiny baby-to-be (that I’ve nicknamed Flump) growing in my womb.

I wonder if Flump is a boy or a girl.

I wonder if Flump will be a big baby or a small baby.

I wonder if Flump will have lots of hair, or hardly any hair.

It’s inevitable that Flump will have brown eyes, like his/her daddy and mama.

I wonder how his/her hands will look in mine. How his/her feet will kick off the tiny socks I put on.

I imagine all of these things and so much more, so much that I fall asleep dreaming of this wonderful little baby that soon will be all ours.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve fallen unconditionally in love with this tiny being before I’ve met him/her.