A few months ago, a twitter follower tweeted that she’d gone to a well known salon to get her hair dyed and ended up hating it.
So I recommended that next time she uses one of my favourite Salons. And I tweeted her and included them in my response. It made sense because every so often they have a 50% off colour sale.
Their (my salons) response? Was to send me (and her) a 50% off voucher for a cut and style. So off I went to Headmasters in Twickenham for a cut and style with Rachael.


I’ve been going to Headmasters Salons since I was 18 years old. That’s 11 years. At least I think I was 18. I may have been 19. Either way, it’s been a very long time and I have never ever been disappointed in any of the salons I’ve visited. Except when they stopped serving wine as a refreshment due to licensing laws. That was a little sad.

Sadly for me (and my hair) I don’t go as often as I should. You should go every 6-8 weeks, but as if I have time (or the money)!

Before Emma it was just laziness, and money, but mainly laziness. I’d go 12-13 months between hair cuts.
Now, with Emma, this is my first hair cut since she’s been born.
I had it cut just before she was born, so I guess right now it’s not too bad. Considering how long I normally leave it.


The staff are so friendly and despite the noise of driers and chatting stylists, the atmosphere is peaceful. Especially when you get magazines and coffee!


After having a chat about what I wanted done, it was off to be shampooed! Which is the best part of the hairdressers in my opinion. There is nothing more relaxing then having someone else wash your hair and give you a head massage.

Sadly I didn’t catch the name of the young guy shampooing my hair, but he was fabulous, very chatty and incredibly lovely. If I was rich I’d steal him away from Headmasters to be my personal hair washer!


I didn’t even notice the time as my stylist snipped away at my locks. Like all the other staff at Headmasters, she was very friendly and down to earth. I seriously don’t know how hairdressers manage to hold a full conversation and cut someone’s hair, because I couldn’t do it. I’m pretty sure if I tried to I’d have an unhappy client with wonky hair.

In the end, my locks were shorter, lighter and definitely a lot healthier.

I have never had a cut that I didn’t love from Headmasters.


If you’ve never been to Headmasters, then I highly recommend going. In fact, I have 3 recommend a friend cards sitting in my purse. If you’d like to experience Headmasters and get 50% off your first appointment for a cut and blow dry, then drop me a comment and I will send you a card. (Yes I’m being cheeky, because I also get 50% off my next appointment for recommending a friend!)

You can visit their website to find a salon near you.

Thank you to the PR team for the 50% off voucher. I thoroughly enjoyed using it!

* this review post was not paid or sponsored, rather just me blogging about I brand I love. Headmasters did however give me a 50% off voucher for recommending them to one of my twitter followers, which I used today and saved £28.50, my bank and I are thankful.