Happiest Place on Earth

We are here and it is AWESOME.

I want to buy EVERYTHING. 

There’s so much to see and do, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow (not just because it’s my birthday either!)

We had a great start to the day, thanks to epic staff at Eurostar St Pancras International. The queues were pretty busy, we started to join a line, when one of the staff approached us and fast tracked us through. 

We’d booked 3 seats in a 4 seat section. The 4th seat stayed empty the whole trip!

Free wifi. Epic.

The hotel is beautiful and very peaceful. The food (so far) is delicious, even if The Husband did get the chicken nuggets and fish bites mixed up.

The fireworks and laser light show at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was fabulous.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  

Countdown to the Magic

This time, in 7 days, we will be setting eyes on Disneyland Paris. 

Emma will be 2 in just under 2 weeks and I’ll be turning 31 in just over a week. That means poor Daniel is poor. (Guy has 5 birthdays AND Mothers Day to fork out for this month as well as our annual holiday)

This years family holiday is 5 days at Disneyland Paris Resort.

I first went to Disney aged 2, and now Emmas first trip is the same. I’m hoping to recreate some of the photos. God knows where they are however. I shall have to ask my mother!

Currently, poor Little Duck has a D&V bug 🙁

I’m hoping she gets over it before we go.


Picking a holiday is difficult, where to go, what kind of budget, how long to go for, what kind of board, is the hotel rating good, what’s in the local area? So many questions. Our choices are limited, simply because my husband doesn’t like flying, and just as he wouldn’t force me to hold a spider, I wouldn’t force him to spend a few hours on a plane. To make matters even more difficult in choosing a holiday, neither of us drive. Picking a nice holiday that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is difficult for us.

Next year, the plan is to go on a cruise. No need to fly, no need to drive, no need to worry about baggage allowance and best of all we can go pretty much anywhere in the world on a boat. Except we can’t, because cruises can get pretty expensive.

My ideal holiday would be a world cruise, but at a price tag of £39k per person for a 105 day cruise, visiting 35 ports in 23 countries, it’s unlikely that we will be cruising the world anytime soon.

photo courtesy of P&O Cruises


However despite the payout of quite a large sum of money per person to go on a cruise, it’s pretty good value for money. The cruise we’re looking at is between £849 and £950 per person, depending on when we go and what type of accommodation we choose. Yes, a hefty sum of money, which will require a hefty savings plan, but when you consider what’s included, then all in all it’s not really that bad. You can also choose to pay in installments.


Included in your cruise (visiting 5 countries) is your accommodation (which based on the photos on the website are pretty nice), then you get all of your food; breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks and dinner. Then there’s the on-board entertainment, West End/Broadway style theatre shows, Cinema, Comedy shows, Cabaret Shows and Live Music. Not to mention, the Tennis Courts, Swimming Pools, Saunas and Steam Rooms, Gym, Football pitch, Basketball Court and Dance Studio.

Obviously there will be extra costs, for example if you want to spend the day in the spa, then you need to pay extra for your treatments, or if you want to go into the port to see the local area, then you may have to pay out for an excursion to shore, or to visit local sites and eat in restaurants.

I’m excited to do this, even if it is 18 months away.

Who said cruise holidays are just for old people. pah!

Family Holidays part 2

I am on holiday with my family for the first time in 13 years.

The first holiday in 1999 was with my parents, my 3 siblings, my aunt, her 2 kids and my grandmother. We went to Ibiza. It was a disaster. Everybody argued. Our hotel was filled with old german people. There was nothing to do because we went at the end of the season (which was cheaper) and everything was closing down. My mother made me sing Patsy Cline’s Crazy in a karaoke session. I didn’t know most of the words, thankfully nobody boo’d me.
I swore after that 2 week holiday that I’d never go on a family holiday again.

Yet here we are today. I’m sitting in one of our deluxe 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom caravans, on the Costa del Weymouth. With my parents, my husband, my siblings, my brothers partner and their kids.

So far no-one has killed anyone. Although we’ve already managed to spend £335 on food for the week. Quite possibly we have already killed the majority of our finances. However I’ve got 6 bottles of wine and a bottle of champagne out of that, so, you know, at least if a family argument breaks out I’ve got wine. I’ll be the one sitting in the corner swigging wine from the bottle and ignoring everyone.

And relax

It’s my first morning in Porto and boy has it been awesome so far.
Arrived yesterday, met the husbands family, checked in to my hotel, was given a glass of port on arrival. Already was blown away. They have staff here to call the elevator for you, you don’t even have to press the buttons. They have porters to take your bags to your room, who then bow when they leave.
Comfortable bed, powerful hot showers, pillows that you just sink into, and champagne with breakfast. That people is 5 stars apparently.
I could get used to living like this, although my husband will probably stress (a lot!) that we can’t afford this kind of lifestyle.

Part of me wants to decorate my apartment as though it’s a hotel. I could hire a butler who would serve me champagne in a long stemmed crystal flute each time I came home. Let’s face it, that’s NEVER going to happen.

In other news I signed up to O2s European data plan, which is supposed to charge you no more than £1.50 per day. Looked at my data charges this morning and so far I’ve been charged £34.84. Fan-fucking-tastic. Not a lot I can do about it from here, so guess who’s going to get a angry customer on Monday afternoon? Yeah. Prepare yourselves O2.

Today we’re sight-seeing. Tomorrow my brother-in-law runs the Porto Marathon. Tomorrow I also plan to have that glass of champagne with my breakfast.

Life is good.