What’s In a Name?

With just over 4 weeks to go, lots of people are asking us about Flumps name. Obviously we can’t call Flump, well, Flump. Although I suspect it’ll stick as a nickname.

Yes, we have names picked out.
No, we’re not telling you, you will have to wait until baby is born.

Firstly, I’ve come to know a LOT of pregnant women of late, and so many have shared their unborn babies name with friends and family, only to get back the following;

“Why would you call your baby that?!”
“I don’t like it”
“I prefer *insert another name*”
“I knew someone called that, they were a horrible person”

Which either gets the lady angry/upset/not liking the name she’s specifically thought long and hard about for her baby.

If someone decides to share their babies name with you and you don’t like it, then just keep your mouth shut. After all, it’s actually NOT your baby. Also, technically you don’t get a say in naming the baby.

Secondly, what if my baby is born and the names I’ve chosen don’t suit him/her? Not sharing gives me a chance to change the name without anyone knowing.

It really isn’t easy to select a name for another person. It’s a really big responsibility too! You need to make sure it fits, make sure it suits, make sure the kid won’t get picked on at school, make sure the initial don’t spell a rude word or something lame. It hard!

It took us a long time to pick our names.

My grandma told me she had a dream that we called the baby Jack Daniel Masters. I pointed out that there was no way I was calling my baby Jack Daniel, took her a few moments but she got it eventually.

My grandma recently told me how her and my grandad picked a name for my dad.
My grandma wanted to all him Bruce and my grandad didn’t, apparently he “didn’t like” Bruce.
So my grandma asked “what do you like then?” And the response was “I don’t know!”
My grandma, pretty fed up was reading the paper and she turned to the section with the horse racing and saw a horse running that day called Philip David and she sarcastically said to my grandad “there you go, call him Philip David then”
A few hours later, whilst feeding my dad, my grandad came in and gave her a slip of paper.
“What’s this?” she said to him.
“Birth certificate” he replied.
“How can you have a birth certificate when we’ve not got a name?”
Then she looked down at it.
My dad was named after a race horse.

No idea if it won or not though!