Have you heard….


I am not a religious person, despite being christened into the Roman Catholic Church. When I was younger, I was very involved in the Church, Sunday school, Church trips, Church youth groups, you name it. I even went to a sleep over at my Church once! It was great fun! But then I hit 14 and it wasn’t for me anymore. There was no “Godly” connection. Joan of Arc I was not.

My fathers parents are religious, as are his sisters (well, 2 of them). They are Mormon. The Mormons get a lot of flack, especially the Polygamous of the Church. Me? I see no issue if a man wants to have 4 wives, as long as they’re all happy with the arrangement then what’s it any of my business? (Have you seen that show Sister Wives? I LOVE it!)

Anyway. I’m getting away from myself.
So, at 15 I decided God wasn’t for me. So I chose a different path. However every Sunday whenever I am in Cayman, my grandmother expects me to go to Church. I indulge her in this. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t connect.

Yet somehow today I find myself having two Sisters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints coming over to see me.

Yeah. I know. My grandma she would definitely be proud.

I still have no connection to religion. That said, I do find the whole Religious Miracle stories absolutely Fascinating. Even more so that the Vatican has priests who investigate them. Virgin Mary’s crying blood, people with Stigmata. All that stuff fascinates me. But the connection to God. I don’t have it.

So starved of adult companionship (only other adult I really have any relationship with is my husband, work doesn’t count simply because majority of the people I work with go out of their way to ignore me, but that’s another story all together) I have come across 2 lovely female missionaries and somehow or other they’re now coming to see me today.

Will I ever have a connection to God? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.

It’s for certain that Christianity and myself have clashes over beliefs and morals. Which for me raises questions. How do you have complete faith in the bible yet retain your moral beliefs?

God help me. (Pun intended)