sweet smell of success

Are you looking for a job? A chance to make some extra money?

Something part-time to fit in around your current job or the kids?
Something full-time?
Do you have the gift of the gab or a flair for sales?
If so, then I could have the perfect opportunity for you.

FM Group is a fast growing company in the perfume market, and they’re looking for distributors and sales consultants.
FM Cosmetics UK offers a large range of fragrances of all types at affordable prices.

You can start off with FM in two ways;

  • Become a “preferred customer”
  • Become a “distributor”

To check out their brochures you can visit their website.
For more information or to take up this opportunity contact Paul at fm4luxury@gmail.com

New Year Greetings

So 2011 is over and 2012 has begun.
Its going to be a busy year for me!

The Olympics is in 208 days, and as most of you know, I’m involved. I’m part of a team that has to ensure part of Londons transport network is robust and efficient. It’s exciting and busy and going to be very hard work!

This year I’m helping to organise an 18th birthday party AND doing the catering for 70 people!

Then it’s my own birthday, which I get stupidly excited about.

This year I also have a family holiday to go on (the first in 12 years!) and a wedding to attend.

My lovely brother-in-law is getting married to the wonderful Tash in August and I’m the make up artist for the bridal party! No pressure!!

It’s my 3rd wedding anniversary this September.

After September I don’t know quite what I’ll do job wise or life wise actually, so watch this space!!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!!

New Beginnings

Today I started my new job, and it’s a welcome change from my last one. My last 2 days in the last role were horrendous. I’m glad for new opportunities and challenges.

I started off number crunching and turning my crunched digits into pretty spreadsheets, until I realised that what was sent to me had a few anomalies and now I have to clarify them. Hopefully I can clarify them tomorrow and actually finish the task at hand.
There are a LOT of numbers to crunch, and thank god for nice coffee is what I say. I’ve set myself a deadline for this Friday, so I’m hoping I’ll be sorted by then.

Currently I have no desk, so I’m borrowing others and it gave me a new blogging idea. To share my view with you. The plan (should I remember to embrace it everyday) is to seek out the window nearest to my desk and take a picture of this view and then to share it with you. There are some pretty awesome views from this building.

Tomorrow I have my first meeting. It’s more a sit back and take notes meeting but I’m cool with that.

It’s been awesome so far!