UK Riots

For the second evening in a row I find myself glued to the television news channels, unable to tear myself aware from the horror unfolding across the UK.

It started out in London, moved to Birmingham, then Bristol and Liverpool and now Nottingham and Manchester.

Riots everywhere. Fires burning, hot and fierce. Alarms blaring out. Homes and Businesses lost.

Already 1 person has lost his life, a 26 year old man, shot during the riots in Croydon. He lost his battle to live this morning. He was 26, a year younger than me. It’s heart breaking.

The news seems to be mainly concentrating on Birmingham and Manchester. The riots across London seem to be calming down (knock on wood).

There have been 111 police officers and 5 police dogs injured. Over 500 arrested. Custody suites throughout London are full to the seams, practically bursting. Sky News are reporting that one of the rioters and looters arrested was just 11 years old.

What is the world coming to when the police are arresting 11 year olds for public disorder? Where are their parents?

This is a horrific time for the UK. My heart goes out to those affected and my deepest and sincerest thanks goes out to our emergency services for their continued hard work during this difficult and trying time.

London Riots

Watching the news I am saddened by the turmoil in London. I have so many words, and at the same time, no words at all.

The number of people who’s livelihoods have been destroyed, property that has been destroyed, homes destroyed, costing millions of pounds.

People are using the shooting of Mark Duggan as an excuse to cause trouble, make crime and steal, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Tottenham, Peckham, Hackney, Lewisham (less than 2 miles from my parents), Catford, Croydon, all across London there are scenes of burning buildings and cars and riot police.  It’s moved on  to Birmingham and rumoured to be kicking off in Leeds.

The emergency services are stretched far and thin.  It’s time to call the Armed Forces in.

London is a war zone and it breaks my heart.




Massive massive thanks to ALL of the emergency services for their hard work over the last 3 days.