Date Night

Last night my husband and I decided that we were going to go into the West End and get dinner. Also, we had a £25 gift voucher for the Texas Embassy Cantina and thought it’d be a pretty cheap night. Until we got to the restaurant and it had closed down. No notice of website, or the doors/windows, it was jut shut and the restaurant was empty, no tables or chairs, nothing.
So far date night was going fabulously.
So we walked up Haymarket and round Piccadilly Circus and eventually settled on a 50’s style American Burger Joint, Eds diner. Great atmosphere, great food and reasonable prices!

We were all set to head home when I decided I wanted dessert. So we headed into Leicester Sq to the Häagen-Dazs restaurant. Oh yum. A restaurant dedicated to jut ice-cream desserts and drinks. And coffee. What’s not to like?!?


Midway through my ice-cream I split some down my top. “oh crap!” I muttered. And quickly dipped my napkin in my water and dabbed it off.
The husbands response?
“if this was a first date, it’d have been a no” and he carried on eating his ice cream.

Clearly he loves me. I think. Messiness and all.

The Pact

This morning I remember a teenaged pact I made when I was 16 with my best friend. We both made a pact that if we were both unmarried at 40 then we’d marry each other, because lets face it, gay marriage should be legal by then.

Fast forward 11 years and it’s likely our pact won’t ever need to be fulfilled. I’m married and she’s in a long term committed relationship that will most likely end in marriage.

However, at 16, I thought it’d take a long time for the government to allow same sex marriages. In many cases same sex marriage is legal and has been for quite some time. In other places not so much, and that’s a real shame.

People who love each other should be allowed to marry regardless of who they love or their sexuality. I for one fully support same sex marriages and believe everyone should be allowed the chance to marry whoever they like.

This week it was announced that Kim Kardashian was divorcing her husband of only 72 days. Her multi-million dollar wedding covered 2 tv shows and countless newspapers and magazines. what a shame that some people can throw a lavish wedding ceremony only to have their marriage dissolve in less than 3 months. Yet same sex couples who have been together for years on end aren’t allowed to marry.

Maybe that will have changed by the time I’m 40, if not hopefully before then. In the meantime keep campaigning. It will happen. One day.