a problem gone bust

Last year my husband and I purchased our first large purchase as a  married couple.  We bought a new desk top PC.  It cost a LOT of money.  We got it from Mesh Computers.

Since we got it, Mesh have gone into Administration and have been bought out by PC Peripherals Ltd.

Our computer?  It is broken.  It keeps crashing, and we have tried everything, but, we cannot fix it. So we did what everyone in our position would have done, we contacted the company we purchased it from.  That was when we found out that company had gone into administration. Furthermore the new company refused to honour the warranty.  They refused to collect or deliver or provide parts, we would have to pay for all of that.

I am absolutely livid. As far as I am concerned their response is unacceptable. Whilst I appreciate they have had financial difficulties and have been taken over, that with all due respect is not my problem. I pay for something and I expect a service.

Cue nasty complaint email (as their customer services only work Monday to Friday).

Anyone have any suggestions on how I can sort this out without having to result to legal action?