Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies. You cannot have Christmas without these films, in my opinion. These also don’t include kids films! I’ll do that separate.


Die Hard.

The ULTIMATE christmas movie. “Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.”
Die Hard 2

You can’t watch the first one, and then not the second one. “Ah, what the hell; its Christmas!”
Home Alone

It’s Home Alone, do I really need to say anymore? “You better come out and stop me!”
Home Alone 2

Its the second one, its the rule that you have to watch it! “Credit Card? You got it.”


Jingle All The Way

Its cheesy, therefore it’s great. “Its Turbo Time!”


The Santa Clause

Tim Curry, as Santa. “You’re fatter this year.”


The Santa Clause 2

Just watch it. “it’s the Mrs Clause”


Love Actually

Christmas Rom-Com, everyone needs one (or 4) of these at Christmas. “Yep, Solid gold shite, maestro”


The Nutcracker

Its a christmas classic with a beautiful soundtrack.


Meet Me In St Louis

Any Judy Garland fan knows that this is a great Christmas film. Watch It. “and I’m taking all my dolls, even the dead ones.”


National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  

Hilarity at the Griswalds. “shitter was full”


Miracle on 34th Street

A classic! “we have a Santa!” *not an actual quote….
There are a lot more, plus probably some I’ve never even seen; but these ones are my go to films. 

 Let me know what your favourite christmas films are!