All Change!

It has been very VERY busy around here lately. Which is the reason for my lack of posts!

Our landlord notified us out of the blue that our home was being sold, so it’s been a mad panic to find a new home, pack, clean, move, clean, tidy, sort, donate etc.

We finally found somewhere, that is smaller and more expensive (joy) but there was limited rental properties on the market, so we took it. 

We moved in earlier this week, and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Hopefully by Sunday, we can put some of our stuff into storage (no room at the inn!) and on Monday the two wardrobes are being collected by charity and then on Tuesday evening the table and chairs are being collected and relocated to a new home!

We currently look like a cross between student lodgings and an episode of hoarders! By next Wednesday, we should have more space! And a sofa! 

My body for a sofa! How I miss just being able to sit on the sofa and watch TV. And Internet. Our internet is being connected today! Ive used almost 2GB of data since Monday!!!! 

Anyhoos, I’ve got lots of stuff lined up.

My Tutu Tutorial, my final Race For Life post, some sponsored posts for Sure! deodorant, Leerdamer cheese and Forever Living (shush)

Hopefully in the next week or two, once I’m sorted and have some sort of a home environment, I can continue!

As Emma currently says (this kid is a riot!) See You Next Time! BYE!


Well, we’ve moved.
We haven’t finished unpacking…. But we have moved.
We have 1 and 3/4 rooms out of 5 fully completed.

The bathroom is done.
Emma’s room, almost done.
The kitchen, mostly done.
The living room, almost done.
Our bedroom, has become the dumping ground for boxes, bags and miscellaneous items from the move.

The good thing is that our new home, already feels like home. There’s so much I want to do, which takes time and money. I have all to much of one and hardly any of the other, and it’ll be a while before the balance of that equation is restored.

The bathroom is the only room that is 100% done. The only issue? No working lock. The locks there, it’s just pointless. This doesn’t propose a problem for us, until we have a house full of guests.

So we came up with the notice board.
We were initially going to get a sign that simply flipped over, so when someone was in the bathroom then they could flip the sign to say In Use/Occupied/Unavailable or whatever else comes on signs these days.
But then The Husband had a better idea.

So now we have a whiteboard up. When you go in, you have an option to write a message. ANY message.

I’m hoping for some absolute brilliant messages.

So far, we’ve had these;

Call The Movers!

We are moving!
It’s exhilarating and terrifying and exciting and stressful.

We always knew that we would have to move from our lovely little one bedroom home. We knew that we only had a minimum of 18 months left in our home, from July 2012.

It was that “Pregnant” on the home pregnancy test that clued us in.

There’s only so much time (and space) you can manage once you’ve had a baby. Our one bedroom home, wasn’t cutting it.

Finding a new home to rent, within our budget and requirements was hard.
Everything was either out of our price range, or said “no kids” or was gone before we’d even got chance to view it.

Then we found one. In our price range. I worried for 24 hours that someone else would take it before we got in to view it. They didn’t.

We viewed it and were blown away by the size of it, especially considering the rent due. It was perfect. Well, not perfect, ideally we’d have liked a ground floor home with an enclosed garden, but, we don’t always get exactly what we want!

It has;

* separate kitchen (a must for me as I cannot stand open plan kitchen and living spaces combined)

* 2 double bedrooms with room to spare

* a decent sized bathroom (although smaller than our current bathroom)

* a decent sized living/dining room

* a small hallway

* it comes furnished

So now, we pack, we buy furniture, we hire vans and carpet cleaners, and we move.

I have so many idea for stuff I want/want to do/want to buy. Pinterest is my current obsession. Pinning ideas, looking through things and deciding I want to attempt it.

It will take a while, but we will get there.

June 14th is moving day.

Hopefully this will be our last move until such times as we buy our next home.

I’m going to be forever poor.