Every so often I hear a song, which resonates very deeply with me. I say every so often, but to be fair it’s probably less than that.
Yesterday I heard a song, that i’d heard a million a lot of times, thanks to the radio/TV music channels and I liked it but I never paid it much notice.

I’m not one who is up to date with current music, and my iPod is full of songs that have release dates of 1960/70/80 and occasionally 90/00s. I even have songs that were released in the bloody 1800s and well, it’s safe to say I don’t go out and buy the “chart toppers” every week.

But yeah, every so often I hear a song and it improves my mood, which I use to my advantage. My therapist says that it’s good that I can use music to improve my mood. To be honest, punching a few people in the face would probably help too, but buying the odd song from iTunes gets you less jail time.

The current song is Katy Perry’s Roar. The tune and beat make me want to run, I know (!!) AS IF. I don’t do running.

And the lyrics? They seem somehow appropriate for my mood, past and present if you like.

If you’ve not heard the song yet, then have a listen.

Row Row Row Your Boat

We’ve had 1 antenatal class,sat Tuesday. Which I didn’t go to, but I had a really good reason, honest. I had a consultant antenatal appointment at the hospital, so the Husband went to the first antenatal class on his own.

Apparently it was pretty good. He came home with loads of information and one particular nugget that we have to do.

It seems that we should be singing a song to baby whilst rubbing my tummy, especially when baby is being fidgety. It’s said that if you do this on a regular basis, then when baby arrives and becomes fussy then you can run baby’s back and sing the song and it should help baby is calm down.

So the Husband picked his song.
It’s this one. But without the scream at the end.

I on the other-hand haven’t been able to come up with a song. Until today.


That picture? That’s my song.
Genius right?
Taking the musical part of baby’s cot mobile (which plays Brahms Lullaby) and securing it to my pyjamas pants.

Great parenting so far me thinks!

Doing the Be-Bop

When I walk to the train station in the morning, I do it on autopilot. It’s automatic, the route I take, I barely notice anything around me. The moment I leave the house, the headphones go in, spotify is loaded and off I go.

Being on autopilot means a lot of things, one of them being that I don’t really pay attention to my surroundings. I mean I watch out for traffic, pay attention to traffic lights etc, but when the music is on then I’m in my own world.

I can play through things in my head, think things through, become creative with ideas for creative writing, use my imagination and just, generally, go with the flow of the music.

It’s what I do every single morning, and evening. This morning? No exceptions.

Th music was on, I was in a world of my own, thinking about BlogHer and planning my (eventual) trip for 2 years time. In my mind hoping that it’s in LA or somewhere close to LA, so that I could go to LA Ink and be drawn on by Kat VonD.
So I’m walking, listening, dreaming and the Fun Loving Criminals comes on. They’re brilliant. (sometimes when something awesome comes on I’ll get a bit carried away). The song? The Fun Loving Criminals. Just aces.
What do I do? I start doing some weird dance/funky walking/bopping along.
Turns out there was a guy walking behind me (who I didn’t even notice). We got to the traffic lights, he passes me, laughing. Only then did I realise what I was doing…. He turns back to me, smiles and carries on walking.

I made someone’s day. Hope he writes about me on, but I doubt it.
He’ll probably go to work and tell his colleagues about the weird woman dancing down the high street.

Life would be so much better (and awesomer) if we all broke into a song and dance on occasion. Like real world musicals.