looking back

The Husband and I have been married for 3 years and almost 3 months. Flump is due in 15 weeks and lately I’ve been thinking that I want to put together a photo album for Flump. We’ve already got a wedding book and a “1st year” book, and we’ve started a baby book, but I really want to do a Before, During and Babies first photos book.  I thought I’d could start of with some pictures of the Husband and I before we got married, pictures of our wedding, photos of the scans, bump photos, and well, you get the gist of where I’m going with this right?

So this evening I spent some time looking through old photos, and I was looking at some of our wedding photos on the Husbands Flickr account, and a few stood out at me. Mainly because they’re rather hilarious.


The first one is a shot taken by the photographer of my Sister in law who was a bridesmaids and a friend who was one of the groomsmen. Every other bridesmaids and groomsman held on to each other until the end, not these two though. they both let go of each other as soon as they could. I don’t know why it makes me giggle, but it does.

bridesmaid and groomsman



Normally I love to be the centre of attention. Not at my own wedding apparently. I don’t think I could look anymore like a awkward douche really.

here comes the most awkwardest looking bride.



See the guy to the right of me? the one with the white rose in his lapel? That is my dad. Smug dad is smirking. It’s as if he’s saying, “ha! one down 3 more to get rid off! my job here is done”

smug dad is smug



Yeah, we didn’t write our own vows, we simply just took a few options from the venue’s guide and went with those. Despite the whole “repeat after me” section, I still managed to fuck them up, and in the process confuse the registrar and causing the whole lot to be restarted.

the one where i fuck up my vows



So, we’re all married and the Husband is all “right, what now?”. This photo cracks me up every time I see it.

what the fuck do I do now?!?



The photographer thought it’d be great to get all the groomsmen and Chris (who did a reading at the wedding) together for a photo opp. Personally i think this is the best photo ever. It’s like a boy band had a photo shoot and royally failed. From left to right, the Husband, the Best Man, Chris, Tilly-boy, Tom and Drew.  If the Husband opened his eyes any wider his eyeballs would fall out, Tilly-boy just looks mighty camp and Tom, well, god knows what kind of look he was going for?!?

boy band photo shoot, album cover fail.



I think Flump is going to get a kick out of all these photos when he/she is older. Poor kid.

21 weeks – the bump

I’ve not posted any of my bump photos here, simply because in the beginning I didn’t look pregnant, I just looked fat, and lets face it, who wants to look at a picture of my fat?!? But after about 18 weeks I started to get a little bump. So I started documenting my changing and growing bump every week, mainly for my March Birthing group.

Every Friday, the ladies all post a photo of their bump, some are small and neat, others are absolutely huge and look like baby/babies are ready to arrive and some ladies are hardly showing at all! Some ladies are so incredibly brave and post photos of their bare bumps. Me? I don’t think ill post any bare bump shots for a while yet.

But here is a photo I took on Friday morning. At exactly 21 weeks. Please excuse the mess behind me and the shot of my drying laundry and the mirror that clearly needs a good spray of window cleaner and a scrub!


Self Portraits

It’s amazing how much you change as you grow.

6 weeks old









6 months old









Aged ONE!













I’m 4 years old!








5 and 1/2!!!!










aged 8







Sweet 16. more like Slavic criminal.







Halloween Parties are SO much more fun when you’re 19!

















looking pretty at 22










23, overlooking Djm el fna in Marrakech







24 in the South of France






Getting ready to be married at 25







27 and STILL a member of the Micky Mouse Club