Have you heard….


I am not a religious person, despite being christened into the Roman Catholic Church. When I was younger, I was very involved in the Church, Sunday school, Church trips, Church youth groups, you name it. I even went to a sleep over at my Church once! It was great fun! But then I hit 14 and it wasn’t for me anymore. There was no “Godly” connection. Joan of Arc I was not.

My fathers parents are religious, as are his sisters (well, 2 of them). They are Mormon. The Mormons get a lot of flack, especially the Polygamous of the Church. Me? I see no issue if a man wants to have 4 wives, as long as they’re all happy with the arrangement then what’s it any of my business? (Have you seen that show Sister Wives? I LOVE it!)

Anyway. I’m getting away from myself.
So, at 15 I decided God wasn’t for me. So I chose a different path. However every Sunday whenever I am in Cayman, my grandmother expects me to go to Church. I indulge her in this. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t connect.

Yet somehow today I find myself having two Sisters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints coming over to see me.

Yeah. I know. My grandma she would definitely be proud.

I still have no connection to religion. That said, I do find the whole Religious Miracle stories absolutely Fascinating. Even more so that the Vatican has priests who investigate them. Virgin Mary’s crying blood, people with Stigmata. All that stuff fascinates me. But the connection to God. I don’t have it.

So starved of adult companionship (only other adult I really have any relationship with is my husband, work doesn’t count simply because majority of the people I work with go out of their way to ignore me, but that’s another story all together) I have come across 2 lovely female missionaries and somehow or other they’re now coming to see me today.

Will I ever have a connection to God? I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.

It’s for certain that Christianity and myself have clashes over beliefs and morals. Which for me raises questions. How do you have complete faith in the bible yet retain your moral beliefs?

God help me. (Pun intended)

bubble bubble, toil and pentagram.

It’s been a while since I posted something that is not baby/pregnancy related, and yesterday I was sat on the train home, after a particularly long and hard day at work and I happen to glance down at my left wrist. On my left wrist, sits my pentagram tattoo which I got in March this year, by complete accident. You see, I’d decided I wanted to get another tattoo for my birthday, so I found a design I liked, it was rather simple and bold. It was Thors hammer, or rather the rune Thurisaz. I’m not going to go into an explanation as to what it signifies or means, because that’s not the point of this post.

My point is that I got my rune tattoo, on my back and as my tattooist finished wrapping my gift, I said to him, “would you do a pentagram on my wrist, do we have time?” We did, and he did, and now sat on my left wrist is a small pentagram, one of the symbols of my faith.

I don’t know why, yesterday, I had a profound feeling after looking down at my wrist, but I did. It reminded me about the Wheel of the Year, and how quickly time flies and that the world is always changing, that I’m always changing, that life is always changing.



I’ve never experienced that before and I imagine it’d be what some Christians feel when they look an image of Jesus on the crucifix, or what Muslims feel when the Imam calls out to signify that it’s time to say prayers. I’ve never been good at religion, so I can’t think of any apt analogies for any other religious followings.

I don’t make it any secret about my beliefs, I am what I am, I believe what I believe and that’s just how it is.  I tried Christianity and Islam, and it wasn’t for me. I stumbled across Wicca at the ripe old age of 15 and it stuck. I was more at ease with it, and more comfortable that I’ve ever been. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with Christianity and its many branches, or Islam, Judaism and any of the other religions out there; they just don’t fit in with me. Wicca did, I can’t pinpoint what it is, but it’s something that makes me feel comfortable.

I am not an initiated witch; I do not have a coven nor am I a member of a coven. I simply practice, like many others, on my own.  The five vertices of the pentagram represent the four elements (air, earth, fire and water) with the addition of Spirit as the uppermost point. It’s a symbol that reminds me of who I am and the Wiccan Rede.

mrs flams on politics

As a general rule, I don’t get too involved in politics, I look at party politics, make myself aware and then choose who I’m going to vote for.  Unfortunately most (if not all) politicians are lying sacks of flaming poo and can’t be trusted to carry out their party promises for one reason or another.  After all, I voted for Mr Clegg in the last election and he screwed over his voting constituents. I’m pretty sure that David Cameron has his hand wiggling up Mr Cleggs backside and is using him as a puppet. Maybe one day Mr Clegg will become a “real boy”.










American politics is a whole other ball game; it’s much more interesting than British politics. In the last UK general election we (the UK) had televised political debates and the most interesting part was Gordon Browns mouth breathing, it was however also disgusting, but something that you just could not stop watching. In the US, politics are dynamic and exciting and everybody gets riled up, not just in the US of A, but in other countries across the globe. It also brings out the bigots, the hypocrites, the radicals, the fundamentalists, and it gets pretty dirty. So dirty and underhand on occasion, that it’d probably be a real money spinner to have each presidential candidate mud wrestling whilst wearing teeny tiny mankinis. I bet that would bring in the party donations.







There has been a lot of talk about the Republican and Democratic Party policy. I’ve looked at each and I’ve read each parties manifesto (which can be found online) and I find myself firmly rooting for Obama.  I’m not an American, and I can’t vote, but I can still express my opinion.  I can’t support a party that wants to send women’s rights back to the 1950’s. I can’t support a party where men and women can’t have equal rights when it comes to marriage. I can’t support a party who will make sick and vulnerable people bankrupt and destitute because they’re struggling to pay for treatment.

Recently I made a comment on a family member’s Facebook status. The basic gist of the Facebook status was that if Americans didn’t vote for Romney and his Republican party then the rest of the world will continue to be in recession for another 4 years.

I commend both parties for looking at the economy and trying to save money to bring America out of the recession, but I hardly doubt that it will be done in 4 years, and I don’t think it will make a huge impact on the rest of the world. It is unlikely that America will solve its deficit in the next 4 years and improve the world’s economy, not when countries like Greece, Ireland and Spain are practically bankrupt.  After all, it’s not like America will suddenly be miles in the black (financially) and will be sending out cheques to other countries.  Fixing the debt problem will take a lot longer than 4 years. I’m not an economist or a politician, but I’m not stupid either.

I made my points clear about what part of the policies I couldn’t support, and was met by Republican friends of my family member stating they were “glad I was not an American” and “glad I cannot vote” and basically being very “un-Christian” for supposedly Christian people. Yes, I get it; you don’t like Obama or his policies, but calling him derogatory names? That’s such a great Christian trait you have going there. Don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness though, otherwise he won’t let you into Heaven, and I’m pretty sure that some of the stuff you’ve come out with can be classed as a sin; after all, there are almost 700 of them.







Before you read on any further, Yes, I am about to go “there”.

Again, I’m entitled to my opinion, and this is my blog and if you don’t like it, then it’s just tough.

Based on some of the comments directed at me, it seems that quite a lot of people care more about Mitt Romney being the next POTUS because he is a Mormon, funnily enough, that’s because all the people have made these comments are all Mormons.  So far I have seen no one make a comment about the policies I raised concerns about (except the gay marriage one). Whilst I have no qualms with any persons choice of religion or faith, I really feel that politics and religion should not mix. America is a country with approximately 314 million inhabitants. America does not have 314 million Christians. Pushing government policy based on your religious beliefs is not fair to the entire population, and in many of the Republican policies, that it exactly what is happening.

Government policies affect every single citizen and therefore should be made with the very best interests, in mind of the people you plan to subject those policies on. They should not be made to satisfy your own opinion that everyone is doing what YOU as an INDIVIDUAL think is right.