Every so often I hear a song, which resonates very deeply with me. I say every so often, but to be fair it’s probably less than that.
Yesterday I heard a song, that i’d heard a million a lot of times, thanks to the radio/TV music channels and I liked it but I never paid it much notice.

I’m not one who is up to date with current music, and my iPod is full of songs that have release dates of 1960/70/80 and occasionally 90/00s. I even have songs that were released in the bloody 1800s and well, it’s safe to say I don’t go out and buy the “chart toppers” every week.

But yeah, every so often I hear a song and it improves my mood, which I use to my advantage. My therapist says that it’s good that I can use music to improve my mood. To be honest, punching a few people in the face would probably help too, but buying the odd song from iTunes gets you less jail time.

The current song is Katy Perry’s Roar. The tune and beat make me want to run, I know (!!) AS IF. I don’t do running.

And the lyrics? They seem somehow appropriate for my mood, past and present if you like.

If you’ve not heard the song yet, then have a listen.