Just after I (read that as my husband) told my parents that we we’re expecting Flump, a couple of the ladies on my Pregnancy Support Group were talking about hand held dopplers.
I immediately thought “there’s no way I’m going to get one, they must cost an absolute fortune!”.

To my surprise, they weren’t. £19.99 on Amazon.
So I told my mother that I really wanted one.


Around 10 weeks pregnant one arrived in the post for me. (Thanks Mother!)

I wasted no time in trying to listen to Flump. It wasn’t perfect, and more often than not, I didn’t hear anything.
In fact I think in between week 10 and week 15, I’d heard Flumps flutter about 4 times.

All of a sudden at 15 weeks, there it was. “Oomph! Oomph! Oomph!” But about 50 times faster. It was quite literally amazing.

After our first ultrasound scan, I realised that I could press down and wiggle my tummy to get Flump to move. So I started doing this whenever I listened on the Doppler.

One minute I could hear and the next minute it faded and disappeared, small wiggle and Flump was back.

It really is the most amazing sound.

I’m counting down the days until I finally get to meet you Flump and I cannot wait. I’m so excited to see you (even though you will very likely be covered in goo and blood and maybe your own poop) and I can’t wait to hold you against my chest so I can feel your heart next to mine, rather than just hearing it.

Tiny Stuff

I still can’t quite get over the fact that in 23 weeks (give or take) we will have a tiny baby that depends on us.

Yesterday we went baby shopping for the first time. My parents (who are moving abroad for 6 months) took us shopping so they could get the baby some stuff.

Baby clothing is so incredibly small, and gets even smaller! We mainly got stuff in a 0-3 months size, however there is a tiny baby size (up to 8lbs) and also preemie baby sized (up to 4lbs).
Baby clothes are freaking adorable!


But I noticed that not many shops do outfits that are suitable for both sexes. Everything is either girlie colours of pink/purple or boyish colours of blue and dark green. Even some of the supposedly “unisex” clothing didn’t look as though it’d be suitable for both boys and girls.
This is incredibly hard for us, considering that we aren’t going to find out if Flump is a boy or girl, until the midwife declares it.
It is also amazing how many clothes small people need.
For example, once bathed, powdered and diapered, they need a vest, and socks, then a baby grow (onesie) as well as a cardigan, scratch mittens and booties plus a hat. Then you have to wrap them in a blanket.
You’ll probably have to change them about 4 or 10 times a day (depending on the sick quota or whether or not they’ve done a spectacularly leaky poo).
So despite the fact that we have a huge amount of miniature clothes, we need more.
More baby grows, bibs, socks, little hats, blankets.
Not to mention the mama stuff for Breastfeeding and expressing.
As well as towels and sheets and baby baths and cots and, well, there’s a LOT of stuff.
I’ve no idea where it’s all going to go.
I’m thinking I may need to get rid of some books and downgrade to one bookshelf. *sobs*

I’m sure we’ll find room.
In the meantime, I suppose ill just set up a gift list for my baby shower.

Toilet Seats – A Review

Today I received my 5th email from Argos asking me to review a toilet seat that I purchased about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Many will remember that one Sunday I woke up to find out toilet seat had a massive crack in it and neither Flams or myself could understand how it had happened. Needless to say it couldn’t stay that way, so I had to go out to buy a new toilet seat. I didn’t spend a huge amount of money, or go to a specialist bathroom store, because, it’s not my property. Instead I went to Argos and paid £14.99 and bought a simple white standard looking toilet seat.

Bemis Thermoplastic Anti-bacterial Take-off Toilet Seat
£14.99 (up until 12/10/11) from (cat no. 833/4369)
This item is available for home delivery within 2 days.

At first when I received the request to review it from Argos I thought it was funny and I wondered how many people had recently reviewed their toilet seat purchases. I decided I was going to post a review on my blog, but I never got round to it. Until today.

The name tickles my funny bone “take-off” toilet seat. It conjures an image of you flying off to a magical place once you’ve sat down. A bit like the bed in Bedknobs and Broomsticks, but less hygienic and more messy. Picture it, you pull your pants down, take a seat and all of a sudden the toilet seat flies you up into the air, shrinks in size, and off you whizz down the toilet to a magical poopy Narnia-esque land.

I had to look up thermo-plastic (cause whilst I like to tell everyone that I am a clever-clogs, I’m not always up on my vocab). If you don’t know what it means, then basically (from what I understand) is that whilst your tushie is sat on the toilet seat, your body heat warms the plastic up and it then becomes less hard, thus making your toileting experience much more enjoyable. Next time, take a book/magazine/handheld games console with you. In fact you may as well install a television in your bathroom, causing it seems pooping and peeing has never been more comfortable!

I like the fact that it’s anti-bacterial, however do not let this word fool you into thinking you don’t have to clean your toilet or the seat you sit upon whilst doing your “business”; I still ensure that my toilet and toilet seat is cleaned on a regular basis with a disinfectant. Think to yourself, if you have husbands who can’t aim correctly, or small kids who can’t wipe correctly and end up getting a load of crap all over the place. This “anti-bacterial” toilet seat doesn’t clean up itself. However if a self-cleaning toilet seat ever hits the market, then I am totally buying it. I despise cleaning toilets.

So to get to the nitty gritty of this review.
It’s a toilet seat. It does the job. The price is good, it’s a standard sized seat that fits most toilets.
So if you need a toilet seat because one morning you’ve woken up to find yours with a huge crack in it, then I’d recommend you get your ass down to Argos and buy this one. Your ass will thank you.