One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Four

So we’re in St Ives in Cornwall this weekend for a wedding. The weather is just amazing! In the mid twenties, sunny and it’s October!
When in St Ives, or at any seaside town you can’t go without having had Fish and Chips at least once.
Now as many of you know, I don’t do seafood. I’ll eat battered fish, or breaded shrimp etc, but that is it.

Today Flams and I paddled at the beach, then went to a little cafe called Gourmet Fish and Chips. I had grilled fish. Me! Grilled Fish! And. Wait for it. A battered scallop (I didn’t like) but still, I tried it. This is huge.

I like grilled fish. So much I surprised Flams that we’d be having at home on a regular basis.

Go me!