Sure ✔️ Maximum!

After working with Sure on their Motionsense Compact Deodorant campaign, they sent me a new product to try. Sure contacted me about two new deodorants they have introduced to the market, the Maximum Protection Sport Strength and the Maximum Protection Stress Control. 

(Had to wrestle it off of Emma!) 

They sent me the Sport Strength deodorant to try at the end of August, and I’ve been using it since, and only finished it last week. Its a cream deodorant and you turn the bottom to push the cream up, to apply it to your underarms after your bath or shower and boom, up to 48hrs protection. 

I really liked it. It smelt nice, it felt nice, and it does indeed keep you feeling fresh for a long while. Well, with a claim of up to 48 hours protection, I had to try it out. You know, to cover all bases for an accurate review. Don’t judge me, I’m a parent to a demanding kid and I work full time, some days I don’t even get out of my pyjamas. Also gives me peace of mind, that I won’t be so much of a stinking slob when I’m sick and spend a week in bed.

Now, I’m not one for sports. At most, my “sports” consist of walking the mile to the station every morning, and the mile home in the evening (when I’m not being lazy and getting the bus) and running after Emma and shopping and then if I happen to be on my feet at work (which lately hasn’t been much!) 

“The NEW Sure Maximum Protection Sport Strength has a vibrant citrusy fragrance, and is specially formulated as the ultimate preparation tool to protect against sweat and odour during exercise.” So says Sure. They weren’t wrong either. I REALLY liked this deodorant.

The full range includes Stress Control, Sport Strength, Clean Scent, Confidence, Sensitive Dry and Everyday Fresh which Sure claim are:

🔹2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant

🔹Strong enough to protect you but still mild enough to use everyday

🔹Give you confidence to enjoy those moments that matte

Sure also say that their Maximum Protection is formulated with innovative TRIsolid™ technology that boasts:

🔹 Extra Strength dryness protection. Applied at night, it works as you sleep to form a level of protection, giving you unbeatable wetness protection for the day ahead. Equally, you can apply it as part of your morning routine

🔹Patented fragrance technology containing odour-fighting microcapsules. The microcapsules dissolve when you sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the day

🔹Skin moisturising ingredients to help protect the skin from irritation – the whole range has been endorsed by expert dermatologists

Would I buy this product? Yup!

Would I recommend this product? Yup!

There was only 1 thing that I didn’t really like, and that was that some of the product gets stuck in the top once it’s done. I thought I still had some left, but it turns out I didn’t; So I ran out and didn’t have to put on after my shower on Sunday morning! I’d clicked it as far as it could go, but a good 2-3 applications were wasted, as it was stuck; and nothing I could do could get it out. Perhaps a design flaw? Probably just Physics though. That said, that’s to 48hr protection, I was covered until I got to the shops to restock!

This time I purchased the Stress Control one, and I like it as much as the Sport Control. The entire range retails at £4.90 rrp and can be purchased at leading chemists and supermarkets.

(The product was given to me to review by Sure. All words unless otherwise indicated are my own and solely my own opinion)

My pits and I thank you Sure!

Oilatum Junior

products sent (not shown – towel & candle)

Emma hasn’t had amazing skin since she was little. She’s got a mild form of eczema, which doesn’t really present a problem, but we were given some cream for her to use after her baths. 

So when I was asked if I wanted to review Oilatum Juniors new range for kids, of course I said yes! We’d already been sent a bottle of the lotion, which we found was much better for Emmas skin than the generic emollient cream we were prescribed. It was less greasy and tacky for a start.

Included in the gift basket we got were some very cool things to make bathtime more fun! (Or funner…should I say)

A lovely soft white hooded towel from The White Company, bath toys and a lovely bath thermometer. Not to mention a lovely smelling candle for me to use once bathtime was over and I needed to recuperate! Bathtime is exhausting with a toddler!

In 2012 a survey was taken by 280 parents (16-64) with children between the ages of newborn and 16. 44% of these parents claimed that their child/ren have had a dry skin condition. Oilatum launched a new range (see above!) to help parents care for their children’s skin. The Oilatum Junior range contains ultra mild products that have been expertly formulated with dermatologists to gently and effectively clean the skin of little people (and bigger people!) without the worry of skin becoming aggravated and to help combat an prevent dry skin.

The Oilatum Junior Cleansers Range contains these items; (see photo above)

~a shampoo, which is soap free and also contains a gentle conditioner to help with tangles

~a head to toe daily wash

~a foaming bubble bath

~a moisturise lotion

Oilatum Junior very nicely sent us all 4 products and we love them. They clean really well, and Emmas skin is noticeably less dry. We wash her hair twice a week (unless she some how managed to get something disgusting in it) and the shampoo leaves her hair clean, soft and smelling really nice. I could sit and smell her for hours (she doesn’t sit still though!) The moisturiser isn’t greasy or sticky and absorbs really well, and doesn’t stain your clothes either. 

Definitely products that we will continue to buy and use as well as recommend to others.

You can buy the range of products at all leading grocery stores and chemists.

Much thanks to Jen and the team at Oilatum Junior!

The views and opinions posted are my own, however products were gifted to me by Oilatum Junior for review. 

First Shoes

I now have a toddler, mostly, when she’s not being lazy anyway.
Which of course meant we needed to buy her a pair of decent shoes.

So we went off to a well known British shoe store in Richmond. Where the kids department is on the first floor and there are NO lifts.
Whoever came up with that setup is clearly a genius….
Having to leave the buggy next to to the till, along with the other buggies there, we traipsed upstairs to get shoes fitted.

As a rule, this particular retailer doesn’t like to sell shoes if your child isn’t walking yet, so they asked me about Emmas walking skills, and LO and behold, kiddo refused to prove she could actually walk. Choosing instead to crawl everywhere or just generally cruise.

Until she saw the shoes on the shelf, which promptly turned into a game of “mama, I throw these shoes, then you pick them up and put them back so I can throw them again!”



Picked a pair of shoes (from 2 choice styles and 4 colour schemes) and it immediately bugs me that children’s shoes for new walkers are so limited. My choice was a pale gold, a pale pink, a purple with multicolour dots, and white with pale purple-pink dots. That’s it. That was my choice.

Shoes that don’t go with most of the clothes she has. £26 for a pair of shoes, that go with maybe 2 outfits.

Why can’t they just do a plain black or white style shoe? Black goes with everything!

So, we have shoes now, for the next 2 months anyway. Then I need to go back and do the whole thing again.
This time I’ll go to Staines, where everything kid related is on the ground floor!


The M Word

This morning I came across a subject that I did not for a thousand years (ok, maybe ten) think I would need to discuss with my child.


Let’s be frank here, sexual exploration is not a bad thing. It is not dirty, it does not make you a wanton whore, it is perfectly normal to explore your sexuality. And on that note, comes the phrase, “each to their own”. After-all, what floats your boat, may not necessarily float mine and vice versa.

Masturbation is a normal part of life, most people do it, and some are more open about their sexual habits than others. In my naïveté, I didn’t think that this began until puberty. Until this morning, when an email landed in my inbox from babycentre.

Usually these emails are “your baby a ‘x’ weeks’ and ‘what other parents are saying’.

Somehow or other, I followed a link which talked about masturbation in toddlers. Which is, normal and quite common. *faints*

The article went on to explain how parents should deal with this kind of behaviour in toddlers, so not to shame them, or make them feel guilty or dirty about doing something that it’s completely natural.

For someone who didn’t think they’d be discussing masturbation and the ins and out of menstruation and sex for another 9 years, I was a little shocked.

This certainly comes under the topic of “things they didn’t tell you about parenthood”!

So now I have to think about this subject and decide with The Husband as to how to discuss it with a toddler, if or when it occurs.

Advice? Tips? Experiences? Please, do share!

Self Portraits

It’s amazing how much you change as you grow.

6 weeks old









6 months old









Aged ONE!













I’m 4 years old!








5 and 1/2!!!!










aged 8







Sweet 16. more like Slavic criminal.







Halloween Parties are SO much more fun when you’re 19!

















looking pretty at 22










23, overlooking Djm el fna in Marrakech







24 in the South of France






Getting ready to be married at 25







27 and STILL a member of the Micky Mouse Club