sex, cheating and trains

It’s not polite, but people do it all the time. Reading over the shoulder of others that is. Especially when you’re standing and the other person is sitting. Even more so when a few explicit words catch your eye.







Yeah, I did it. I read over the shoulder of the man next to me on the train this morning, but in my defense I couldn’t help it! He was sitting and I was standing next to him. He was texting his wife, and the word “sex” caught me eye. I couldn’t not read it. And then, well, I just got sucked into it.

The gist, which I tweeted about this morning, was that he’d clearly been caught having “extra-marital” sex.
Her texts were all “I want it to be just us.” and “no more touching other people, just me” and his replies were all “yes, just you and me” and “I only want to have sex with you”.

Then he moved from his iPhone to his Blackberry and responded to a BBM message from another woman.
The gist of those messages were “I miss you” and “I can’t live without you” and “I want to die”.
His replies were very nice and caring, very much “don’t do that, you’re a special person” etc.

Then he moved back to his iPhone.
The wife had sent another message. This time along the lines of “I love you so much, you make me feel sexy, I can’t wait till we try your fantasy”.

The guy, he looks up and I’m thinking “uh-oh, he knows I’m reading all his texts over his shoulder!” BUT he looks around for a minute then looks back down (not noticing me!) and types “yeah, I love you so much too. I can’t wait. There isn’t anyone on the train that meets our requirements. Maybe the next train.”

Um. Did I just read that right?!? This guy is trolling the morning commuter trains for other people to have sex with him and his wife?

Just goes to show, you never really know what your fellow commuters are thinking about (unless you read their text messages over their shoulders).

In hind sight I probably should have picked a random lady in the carriage, bent down to him and whisper whilst point at said lady “what about her, she seems nice”.

Normally I’m not one to judge others but wait a New York Minute here. Lady, you catch your husband cheating on you, and then you forgive him and indulge him in his fantasy of a 3way?
Fuck me! Not literally of course, but you know.
Either you’re a very understanding and forgiving woman or you need a backbone and perhaps someone to help you get some self-esteem back.

I understand that you love your husband, I get it, I love my husband too. But if I ever found out that he’s been having it off or had it off with another woman, you can bet your ass that I’d be signing divorce papers quicker than he could say his own name. (word of warning dear husband)

Once you’ve smashed someone’s trust it can never fully heal. It’s like smashing a tea cup. You can pick up the pieces and glue them back together, but it’ll never be fully fixed. There will always be bits that have gone forever.









A marriage has to have trust, in fact, so does every friendship, otherwise how do you expect it to work?

So my question today is; Ladies, if you found out that your husband/partner/boyfriend/wife was having an affair with someone else, what would you do? Would you end your relationship, or would you hold on to your man/woman with both hands and indulge his/her fantasies.

But wait, I have a second question, for you Men; Men, do you really use commuter trains to find sex buddies? If so, how do you approach someone? How do you approach an absolute stranger and ask them if they want to have sex with you and your wife.


you are what you tweet

Have you ever actually stopped to think about what you tweet before you tweet it? Whilst Social Media is a fantastic tool, it’s also a pretty dangerous tool. It really surprises me how many people haven’t actually read the Terms and Conditions set by Twitter.

Many people seem to think that whatever they tweet is not allowed to be used by others, for example, a screenshot of someones tweet.  Twitter is a public forum and what you post (even if your account is a protected and locked account) is still public domain.  This means that at some point, your tweet could be seen by billions of people. After-all, you hear about tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc, all going viral. This is because you share it with 100 people, and those 100 people then all share it with another 100 people, and then those people all share it with another 100 people, and so on.

So people, “you are what you tweet” – remember that. Otherwise you could become uncomfortably uncomfortable when your tweet is shared with a rather lot of people!

Always double check your tweets before publishing and ensure that you’ve made every effort to say what you mean and mean what you say, so that others can’t misinterpret what you’ve tweeted.