Social Media Pregnancy

Today a conversation was brought up on my online pregnancy support group.

How would you react if a friend or family member announced the birth of your child on Facebook/Twitter before you did. Likewise with posting a photo.

Now, it’s clear from my blog, Facebook page and Twitter account that I am very active online. I blog about my pregnancy, I tweet about the kickboxing Flump has taken up and my husband and I have posted photos of our scans on Facebook. So it’s probably obvious then when Flump makes his or her arrival in March that we will make some sort of announcement online with photos. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if I tweet or my husband tweets during my labour and if my sister in law and I post stupid photos during the labour. For obvious reasons I won’t be tweeting or face-booking during the delivery, I’ve heard that pushing a baby out of your vagina takes rather a lot of concentration and I know that I am multi-skilled, but that’s taking it a bit far.

However, a kind note to close friends and family. You will find out from us via a phone call or text message, rather than via Facebook or Twitter. (Now is the chance to ensure Daniel or I have the correct contact details for you)

Once we have told close friends and family, then we will make an online announcement.

God forbid anyone announce our child’s birth before us or post a photo before we do, because I will go nutso on you.

So tell me blogosphere, what’s your opinion on this question?

How would you react if someone posted details of the birth of your child or a photo of your new baby online before you did?

you are what you tweet

Have you ever actually stopped to think about what you tweet before you tweet it? Whilst Social Media is a fantastic tool, it’s also a pretty dangerous tool. It really surprises me how many people haven’t actually read the Terms and Conditions set by Twitter.

Many people seem to think that whatever they tweet is not allowed to be used by others, for example, a screenshot of someones tweet.  Twitter is a public forum and what you post (even if your account is a protected and locked account) is still public domain.  This means that at some point, your tweet could be seen by billions of people. After-all, you hear about tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc, all going viral. This is because you share it with 100 people, and those 100 people then all share it with another 100 people, and then those people all share it with another 100 people, and so on.

So people, “you are what you tweet” – remember that. Otherwise you could become uncomfortably uncomfortable when your tweet is shared with a rather lot of people!

Always double check your tweets before publishing and ensure that you’ve made every effort to say what you mean and mean what you say, so that others can’t misinterpret what you’ve tweeted.










So it’s Friday again, and to be fair, I really only have one Twitter user to share with you this week. I’ve been so busy with work that I have hardly had any time on twitter at all!

So this week, my #followfriday is @avitable and he blogs over at his own site

Adam is a blogger, a stand up comic (who I find hilarious) and has a law degree which he combines with his smarts and common sense to create a virtual stick and clobber stupid people who plagiarise others and then complain about their site being turned into a parody.

Not sure how to say his name?  Watch this video, then go follow him.





Data, Data, Data

I recently upgraded my phone contract. It was due for renewal, and as much as I loathed changing contract, I really did need a new phone.

I had an iPhone 3G for 2 years, with O2. 600 inclusive minutes, unlimited text messaging and unlimited data. I upgraded that phone to a 3GS, same contract. It was a good contract.

It may come as no surprise to many people that I use my phone a LOT.

I use it for emails, for phone calls, for text messaging, for taking photos, for Facebook, for twitter, for games and well, this list can be endless.

So when my phone was up for renewal, I looked around. I wanted the latest iPhone, but the deal wasn’t that great. I got more minutes and still unlimited text messaging, but they stopped doing “unlimited data”. Instead you get 500MB of data per billing month, with free unlimited wifi. No way in hells bells is that enough for me.

Looking around nothing else was any cheaper or any better elsewhere, so I decided to bit the bullet and stay where I was (less hassle) and just upgrade. Now I get 900 inclusive minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of data as well as unlimited wifi. I pay a few pounds more than I did, but it was the better deal. It was even better that I sweet talked the sales guy into waiving the charge of the handset. Go Me!

This data malarkey confuses me. Being a girl who never had to worry about data, I just did my thing and, well, didn’t worry.
Now I have to worry AND limit my usage (which my husband will only say is a “GOOD THING”). So with this in mind my brother-in-law (well not really, but kinda) introduced me to an app called Onavo. Apparently Onavo is an excellent app for reducing data usage on your iPhone. So I got it. I now constantly check my data usage to make sure I’m not using too much.

I checked it today and this is what I got;

~ iPhone – 221.80 Mb

~ Onavo – 263.69 Mb

~ O2 – 323.07 Mb

How can I have 3 different sets of data usage for the EXACT same period?

Either the iPhone software that Apple have put on my phone is really buggy and doesn’t work OR the Onavo app isn’t reading my usage correctly OR O2 is scamming its customers.

I’m confused interwebs.