Mama Kats Prompts – Resolutions

5.) Okay okay I have to ask…what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2012 and/or how did 2011′s resolutions turn out?

Once again I find myself posting based on a prompt from Mamakatslosinit. This weeks it’s about resolutions (prompt 5).

I was going to choose prompt 4, which was about having your significant others family over for dinner in 2 hours, what can you make with what you’ve got in your kitchen, however thinking about what I have I probably couldn’t make something amazing and there’s no point in half baked ideas. (ha ha get it?)


I ALWAYS used to make resolutions. And I ALWAYS used to fail/give up/just not bother with them. So I stopped.

I can’t remember the last time I set myself a New Years resolution.

To be honest, I don’t even really have goals, which let’s face it, when you really think of it that’s what a resolution is. Goals to do something, change something, goals to start something or to break a habit.

I guess if I really thought about it then I’d have to say that my resolution for 2012 is to exercise more. Maybe tone up and slim down a dress size.

But we’ll see.
If I call it a goal or resolution and I don’t achieve it then I’ll be disappointed.

So maybe I’ll stick with not having a resolution, that way I can’t be disappointed.

If it happens it happens.

Happy 2012 all!

Inches vs. Pounds

Yesterday I put on a pair of trousers/pants/slacks/what ever you want to call them and they literally fell from my waist down to my hips. I could actually ball my hands into fists and shove them both down the front of my pants with room to spare.

Only 8 weeks ago did they fit me, they were a little loose of course, I could put two fingers between my waist and the pants.

I have not lost ANY weight however. I still weight the same as I did 8 weeks ago. So I was, and to a certain extent, still baffled.

I’ve done posts before, well, more like rants actually, about clothing sizes and how every size 12 isn’t exactly the same size. I’ve even done a post about how ever 36H bra isn’t actually the same “36H” bra. These I can understand because fabrics are cut differently etc, but this Inches vs. Pounds thing? It baffles me.

How is it that these trousers fit me ok 8 weeks ago, but yesterday they practically hung of me?!? I’m still the same weight! How can you lose several inches off your waist, but stay the same weight?

Just baffled.

Answers on a postcard please!