I follow a fair few blogger sites across various Social Media Platforms.
Recently I came across a post about Being More Funny, and injecting some humour into your posts. Why? Well, because I was surfing the web and I came across it.

But, seriously.


Because it’s fun to make others laugh and it’s fun to laugh too!

The post was by Susan Maccarelli on BlogHer. Susan also writes at Pecked to Death by Chickens.

I am not a deliberately funny person. But I thought I’d give it a go. The prompts anyway. The funny will be a work in progress!

There are a few that I probably won’t do.
Like, #5 If __________ were Kardashians. Because. You know. Kardashians…. I mainly haven’t a clue who most of them are!

And #15 The Story of how you lost your temper. Because it would be story after story and it gets boring after a while.

Then there’s #16 Kids Quotes.
Emma is one. The funniest thing she’s ever done is say to the ringing phone/doorbells “who’s dat?!”. A very short post indeed!

But some of the rest I will definitely have a crack at.

#3 What’s in your bag. A photo blog!
#4 Weirdest things you’ve found on your person.
#8 Giving birth saga – especially apt as Emma’s 1st birthday draws near and I still haven’t shared my birth story. Part of it may have to be a video clip. Although it could potentially be construed as offensive? So maybe not!
#22 A list of rules for your children to follow in public places, because education is important to young minds!

The creative juices are flowing!
Stay Tuned!!


It’s happening again. My creativity is constipated. My muse has buggered off on holiday and despite having several great ideas in my head, putting them down on paper isn’t happening.

That time you sit and write, only to read back a load of absolute rubbish, which you delete anyway, because lets face it, it doesn’t make sense to anyone, not even you!

That time you sit to write, only to find that even though you have lots of words floating around in your head, they refuse to be plucked out of your mind and be restrained into paper format. It’s as if they’re saying “bitch, if you take one step closer I will stab you with this rusty fork!” and so you leave it be, because who wants to be stabbed by a rusty fork. No thank you.

So today will mostly be working on, talking down my words with the skills of a trained hostage negotiator, in the hope that I can produce some words and not be stabbed by a rusty fork, and begging my muse to come back from her holidays!





Illuminating Blogger Award Nominee

Apparently I’ve been nominated to win a blogger award. Um. Speechless.

Me? a Nominee for a blogger award. who’s have thought it?!?

Thanks CJ at Food Stories for nominating me. still speechless!!

It seems nominations are still open, so you too can nominate someone to win this award.

Click here for more information.

writing – it’s surprisingly hard

One of the worst things about having a blog? Is also one of the best things.

It’s Writing.

Now writing may not seem hard, especially when you’re reading someone elses posts or articles or novels or short stories or notes on bathroom walls, but when you actually sit down to do it yourself, it’s really damn hard. (note to all, I don’t make a habit or scrawling crap on bathroom walls whilst peeing)

There are times when I have such great ideas for a post and then I sit down and it’s just gone.

There are times when I’m mid-post and I’m in full flow, only to read it back and think “what a load of shite” and delete it all.

There are times when something happens that I can blog about and once it’s there in black and white, it’s just not the same.

There are times when I have so much stuff that I want to write but I can’t because it’s not time to share it yet (believe me there is a LOT of that shit).

There are times when I feel pressure to write a post that is witty and amusing and that shit just doesn’t help at all.

Writing is hard. It really is. However there are lots of tools and ideas that can help.

  1. Scheduling posts – a great option to use.  Most blog platforms have this option.  Normally once you start writing, your creative juices start flowing in abundance.  If that happens, GO FOR IT.  Keep writing, because you can schedule those posts for another time. You can go back to them and edit them, improve them, take things away, change the schedule date.  Blog Scheduling is your friend.
  2. Blogging Apps – so many times I have a great idea for a post, but computer to access my blog and write. Sometimes not even a pen and paper to jot down the idea. To be honest, even when I do that and go to write a few hours later, what I write isn’t good. Find an app for your smart phone. I use the WordPress for iPhone, it’s easy to use and FREE from the app store.  It allows you to blog on the move as long as you can connect to the internet.
  3. Blog Prompts – so many sites offer blog prompts. Use them. It can kick-start your muse into gear and lead you to producing some excellent work.
  4. Silence – sometimes you don’t even need to say anything in a post. A picture is sufficient. You can have Wordless Wednesdays, Silent Sundays or even Muted Mondays. Afterall the saying does go “a picture is a thousand words”
  5. Share – use your blog to share things, like posts from other bloggers.  Is there a blog that you read regularly or a blogger that inspries you? Write about why they inspire you, link back to your favourite post by them. Just make sure that you have permission to use any of their site content and give credit where it’s due.

How to burn bridges and alienate bloggers

I am 27. The content on this blog consists of my own experiences, my own words and my own work. Occasionally I will post a cartoon, or photo, that clearly I did not draw (because I can’t even draw stick men….) or take, but I follow the rules. I link back where possible and I ask for permission.

I don’t have a huge following. I am not an expert writer, or expert blogger, hell I’m not even a professional blogger. I blog for shits and giggles (please, seriously, don’t send me any shits, I am however happy to accept giggles, unless giggles is some strange weird euphemism for some sort of sex position/game, then thanks, but no thanks).

I am not an activist (normally), I am not a humourist (generally), I’m just a “regular” “normal” 27-year-old woman (28 in 11 days time) living in London (check the about me section).

Today the blogosphere exploded on Twitter.

Why? Plagiarism.

You can read about it here.

If you’re too lazy to click the link and read, then basically the gist of it is this headline from BethAvant over at ShePosts.com “Babble Blogger Kristin Ruiz Outed for Plagiarizing Amalah’s Posts”. Kristin Ruiz of Our Ordinary Life was found to have plagiarised posts from Amy over at Amalah.com. The resulting action? Bloggers from across the USA, Canada and Europe hit the roof.

Lifting content from somewhere else is a BIG no no. Unless you have permission from the blogger (preferably written permission) and you state your source or link back to the ORIGINAL post, then DO NOT remove any content from another bloggers site, no exceptions, no excuses.

It seems that Kristin stated that she didn’t mean to do anything wrong and kept stating that she was young, only 27 years old.

I am 27 years old. I can’t understand how someone who is 27 years old doesn’t understand that taking someone elses work and passing it off as your own is wrong.

When you start school and you’re given homework and tests and what not, you are told not to copy others work. When you do exams in Middle School or High School if you get caught copying someone elses answers then you FAIL. We are taught from a young age that copying someone elses work is NOT ok. When you go to college or university your essays are scrutinised to ensure you have not plagiarised them. Time and time again, whilst growing up, it was drummed into me that you don’t copy someone elses work. Copying was wrong. I cannot understand how someone who is the same age as me doesn’t understand this concept. I know that school systems across the world are different, but COME ON, they can’t be that different when it comes to stuff like this.

BethAvant from Sheposts.com gives a few suggestions, which you can read in her post which is linked above. Make a point of reading her suggestions, they will be invaluable to you as a blogger.

Take heed people. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, or get paid to blog, then follow the rules. Work hard and earn respect by creating your own content, using your own words and try not to piss off the entire blogosphere. Once you piss off the blogosphere then you’re done. Do not pass GO, do not collect your £200.

Always think before hitting that “Publish” button and be prepared to admit you’re wrong and apologise when you are in fact, wrong.

Your actions will have consequences, don’t forget that.