you are what you tweet

Have you ever actually stopped to think about what you tweet before you tweet it? Whilst Social Media is a fantastic tool, it’s also a pretty dangerous tool. It really surprises me how many people haven’t actually read the Terms and Conditions set by Twitter.

Many people seem to think that whatever they tweet is not allowed to be used by others, for example, a screenshot of someones tweet.  Twitter is a public forum and what you post (even if your account is a protected and locked account) is still public domain.  This means that at some point, your tweet could be seen by billions of people. After-all, you hear about tweets, blog posts, YouTube videos, etc, all going viral. This is because you share it with 100 people, and those 100 people then all share it with another 100 people, and then those people all share it with another 100 people, and so on.

So people, “you are what you tweet” – remember that. Otherwise you could become uncomfortably uncomfortable when your tweet is shared with a rather lot of people!

Always double check your tweets before publishing and ensure that you’ve made every effort to say what you mean and mean what you say, so that others can’t misinterpret what you’ve tweeted.

YouTube test

I’ve been having some issues embedding YouTube videos into my post. So I’m testing the theory behind the advice given today.

Lets she if this works.  If it does, then you should be watching one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE films from when I was a kid.

It’s Not OK

Today I watched a video. It’s was horrifying and upsetting and it broke my heart.

It was posted by fellow blogger and acquaintance Jane Devlin. Her original post can be found here.

Jane is someone I connected with via Twitter and she is someone that I have a great deal of respect and admiration for.  Her life has had its ups, downs and topsy-turveys.  She has also written a book, which if you follow me on twitter you would have seen a while back that I recommended it. Her book is called Elephant Girl: A Human Story.  It took me 2 days to read and when I was finished I had even more respect and admiration for Jane. Her strength and determination is amazing.  I would highly recommend you read her book.

I watched the video 1 and a half times.  The first time, I got about 45 seconds in and I couldn’t watch anymore.  I re-read Jane’s post and her last sentence really struck a chord with me.

“Do not turn away from this. Thousands of children suffer this kind of abuse and worse every single day. If they can bear the pain and trauma, then you — and here I am speaking to the ones who are so quick to criticize survivors and write them off as perpetual victims, chronic whiners, or people who just need to “get over it” — should at least have the backbone to watch four minutes of what an abused child suffers for years.”

I went back and I watched the whole video, horrified at what I saw.  I know that child abuse happens, every day to thousands of children, and I often wonder what I can do to prevent it.  I’d love to adopt and love and nurture and support every child who is abused.  Unfortunatley I can’t do that, but I CAN raise awareness.  It is NOT OK. it will NEVER BE OK.

I’m posting the video link here and asking you to read Jane’s post.

This video is NOT OK.  The way this child is being treated is NOT OK.  Child abuse is NOT OK.

If you suspect that a child is in danger of abuse or is being abused then speak up. DO NOT stand aside and do nothing. If you do, then you are just as bad as the person doing the abuse.