piss me off will you??? I think not you little twerp.

First things first – the weekend. Was excellent.
Friday was Daniel’s leaving drink. Very funny. Daniel, Till and Drew dancing – hilarious! Betting on the Buses. Great fun all in all I feel. I will be putting photo’s and video’s on facebook, so please do have a look!
Saturday – I spent the whole day in bed I believe. I was so tired. I did promise Daniel I would watch Evil Dead. Started to watch it and I fell asleep! Felt very bad about that. 🙁
Sunday – just lazed about. Daniel’s mum did a lovely breakfast, and Tash and Alan made a really scrummy roast dinner.
Monday back to work today.
Right Mondays – and the rant begins.
Ready? Set? GO!!!
The world is going to end on a Monday. Monday’s are generally bad for most people, I normally don’t have issues with Mondays but today has been totally shit so far, and it’s only reached 1 p.m. in the day. I still have 4 hours to go.

The IT department seem to be making my job so much harder. I sent a query to IT asking if someone changes data on their account with us, is a notification email sent to the CSM, only to receive back “this is not an IT issue, please speak to your manager”. Firstly, from my understanding this is an IT query. I am simply asking if we change data does a notification get sent out. Surely IT create the system, so they should know. Secondly, I am the manager of my department, my line manager is the Head of our Client Services Operations Department….if IT don’t know the answer, I don’t think she’s going to know, she didn’t build the bloody system.
I have to do a presentation next Monday to our new employee’s about our department. So using my initiative (apparently this isn’t built into most people now-a days, perhaps more research should be put into gene therapy to see why this gene isn’t included in the DNA helix!) I thought it would be good to do a presentation on this….chances are they are more likely to retain the information I tell them. So I used to have PowerPoint upstairs, and WAHLA! Now I don’t. So I email IT, asking can I please have this application re-installed, and stating the reasons I need it, to be told by the IT director no. I tell you what. Why don’t you do my presentation next Monday.

Right now I am like PMT lady with a shotgun and hell bent on blowing anyone up who pisses me off. Hopefully this will subside as the day goes on (already eaten shit loads of chocolate!). Poor Daniel, he needs to write a complaint letter to Mesh (the manufacture place for his PC). I really wish he would let me do it, so I can vent my anger.


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