such as boredom is my life

well I’m at home again today. still ill and drugged up to the eyeballs with painkillers, which don’t seem to be doing much.

It’s back to work tomorrow. I don’t care if the stupid lump is still on my throat. I cannot take another day of doing nothing.

the good news is that my gums aren’t swollen anymore, although I do get a massive headache whenever I sit up, and I feel faint which isn’t so good.
hopefully that will pass.

Daniel and I are thinking of going on holiday, although we don’t know where. We’ve thought about Edinburgh, Dublin, Rome. so far we’re not sure. Daniel wants to go somewhere where they speak English. I want to go somewhere a bit warm and sunny. it’s not going to be until April next year, so I guess we have plenty of time.

It’d be nice to get a way for a while, get away and have fun. just the two of us.

well I guess it’s back to watching crappy ole tv now.

over and out.

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