Dear Sir.

Today was a horrible day. Nothing but complaint after complaint. I’ve got home (after dealing with massive train delays!), had my dinner, a nice relaxing bath, and I think I may go straight to bed once I’ve spoken to Daniel.

For the past few weeks Daniel has had nothing but problems with the company fixing his computer. so much, we wrote a lovely letter to them. we’ve now found out that despite taking the money, and telling us the computer was fixed, and ready to be sent back, it’s not. instead, it’s waiting for the part they said they’d fixed. so for the last few days, i’ve been mega stressed with work. tomorrow I am looking forward to venting my anger in another letter to this silly company.
I may call them tomorrow too, and have another go (which is what I did on Monday or Tuesday.)

i’m very tired.

time to pack my bag and get ready for bed me thinks.

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