Knight in a paw patrol jumper

Today I had the unfortunate experience of explaining (again) why shoplifting is not ok. 

Emma in her wisdom (after being told she couldn’t have a pair of pink diamant√© sunglasses) proceeded to put them in her bag when I was not looking. I caught her.

I told her off and she cried and to the rescue came a small boy about the same age. Declaring he’d save Emma because he was…. spiderman. A proper little knight in shining, well, spiderman persona.

He kept asking her if she was ok and then telling me he was spiderman. He then proceeded to lead Emma to protection. At the point Emma was confused and I was trying not to laugh and little boys mum then came over.

He then declared he was off to the lift but do be careful because it’s dangerous.

Kids eh? 

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