Then Summer was over…

I’ve been so lax recently as you can tell by my lack of posting. I’ve no excuse really. I should rename this blog Every Four Months…

So we went on holiday back to the motherland via Tdot. It was awesome. Little duck enjoyed it immensely. I on the other hand got sick and ended up in hospital and paying out of pocket for prescriptions. I’m thankful for our NHS tbh. At least I can afford medication in the UK.

Driving is going well, I’ve tried both an automatic and manual car and whilst the automatic is definitely easier, I’m persevering with the manual. It’s hard but rewarding.

We’ve just come back from a week in East Devon which was lovely. Little duck got to spend some quality time with her Grandad and Nana and the Mr and I had some quality time one evening getting lost in Exeter followed by a harrowing drive home in the dark down country roads.

I’m still stuck on book 2, Divine Encounters. I’ve got about 20k of words to finish off and the muse has clearly gone on holiday. I might try and get some words out this evening. We will see.

So far life is ok, it’s sailing along quickly, and I’m middling. Which is a good thing. Mostly.

Some health problems which I’m seeing the GP for this week, perhaps AI, they’re unsure right now. Bloodwork indicates AI. Something rheumatic, another string to my disability bow. Not so great. But my mental health is stable. So it’s swings and roundabouts.

Off back to Doncaster for work next month, so hopefully I’ll get some writing done in the evenings. unless I’m dragged to biscuits… Ha ha ha.

Update you in another 4 months I guess! Or maybe I’ll do better.

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