So, whilst on holiday in April, I got an ear infection and the doctor at the time who examined me said “you need to see an ENT specialist, you have a Cholesteatoma

So I came back from holiday, saw the GP and he examined me and said “it does look like it” and referred me to ENT.

I saw the ENT consultant 2 weeks later who said “I’m not sure it is a Cholesteatoma, let’s do a CT Scan.”

So I had a CT Scan.

I waited 3 months for the results thinking that if anything was wrong then they’d contact me. They didn’t so I assumed all was ok and I’d be discharged at my next appointment.

I had that appointment today. The first thing the consultant said was “that doctor in Cayman was obviously very experienced to have spotted it.” And it didn’t twig.

It only twigged when he told me the CT Scan results. I do indeed have a Cholesteatoma. I do indeed need surgery. When that will be, I don’t know. After Christmas I expect.

My next appointment is December.
Cholesteatomas are rare, growths inside the ear canal, behind the ear drum that grow upwards into the bones of the ear. Thankfully not cancerous. They can cause deafness if left untreated and if they continue to grow they can grow into the brain and increase the risk of brain infection and/or meningitis.

So yeah, clearly I’m super stoked at this revelation.



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