I’m Becca, 33 and a wife, mother, blogger, Social Media addict, as well as an avid book worm! I also have Bipolar Disorder.

I live in London with my husband Daniel (a.k.a Flams) and my daughter Emma (a.k.a Little Duck)

I moved to London at the age of 12 from a tiny tropical paradise and tax haven, you might have heard of it? Grand Cayman. Lucky for me, I still have family there, so I can go back to visit/drink rum punch/laze in hammocks whenever the finances allow it.

When I’m not at work/in the kitchen/reading you can often find me on Twitter, google+, Facebook and Pinterest. As a rule my phone is always on, always near me and always charged; in fact I even carry a charger and socket with me, because you never know when you’re going to need to charge your smart phone! Flams says that I’m addicted to it (my phone), and he’s most likely right about that.


Currently working for Mind Our Minds as their Director of Social Media and Public Relations

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